Wednesday, 10 April 2019


Here we are again.   gathering for a Wednesday desk-fest - WOYWW with Julia 

There's not quite as much on my desk as I hoped today... That's Crafty finally got in some of the new Paperartsy stamps I was talking about having my eyes on last week...
there is a journal page in progress... some slate place mats (obviously not for use as place mats!)
and a .... "we couldn't deliver your parcel as a signature is required"  oh, how I love those cards from Royal Mail.... had I thought it through, I would have had them sent to work  but I was thinking about the letterbox and 'oh yes, they'll fit'  not 'oh I've spent a lot of money, they'll send them signed for post'..

so you will have to wait for next week for the  reveal! 

the place mats... well, a friend mentioned that Wilko (a bit like Woolworths used to be, sell a bit of this and a bit of that, although not quite as cheaply as it used to..)   sold slate place mats.  I needed a base for a new Powertex figure I want to .... er... eventually get round to making.   

On Sunday I went out to do a few bits of shopping, these were on the list but last time I checked they hadn't got them.  Didn't get anything else I wanted/needed, but at least I got them... and at 2 for £5, not a bad price. 

the journal page is in a bit of a "bleurgh, shouldn't have done that step" stage.
this stage, I quite liked it at!

then I added some circles, painted them with gesso which I didn't like so painted over the gesso... like it even less.   added some more Oxide sprays (that's what the colour is in this picture)   and left it...

You can see the circles in the top picture.   Something will happen to it and it will turn out ok, eventually! 

some of you saw the pics from last week's trip to Kew (here)  boy oh boy, is the Dale Chihuly event going to be a fantastic 6 months!   (his website, which I've linked shows more of his incredible work, if you don't know him)   and this is the link to Kew's website and the Dale Chihuly feature
I'll just leave you with one to tempt you over.. and will be back again this coming Saturday to see more - it opens officially then.  All I can say, is if you like glass-blowing and mind-blowing staggeringly beautiful sculptures. get to Kew before the middle of October!  you won't be sorry.
this was on a dull day, I can't wait to see it with the sun shining on it!  this is in the Temperate House and was specially commissioned for this event.  WOW!!  right?!   I will be taking lots more pics on Saturday.  Hope for sunshine! 


Neet said...

Those glass structures are mind blowing. Love seeing them so keep them coming.
Sorry to hear about the mail not arriving, I was so looking forward to the reveal - but maybe not as much as you - how upsetting a non-delivery can be.
Love your journal page - both with and without circles - gorgeous colours.
Have a good week Helen.
Hugs, Neet xx

Sarah Brennan said...

Nothing more annoying when they leave one of those cards Helen. Especially when you have a designated safe place and the only problem is size! Those installations at Kew look amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with that journal background. Happy WOYWW and thanks for the visit. Sarah #?

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I understand that annoyance Helen seems that more and more companies are asking for signatures now as proof of delivery. I'm lucky with my postman as he knows the amount of traffic post I get each week so knows what to do with it when there's no one in but when he goes on holiday it's mayhem!!
Your journal layout makes me want to get some craft time in today, maybe later.
Happy WoywW Hugs Tracey (5) xx
P.S Kew looks amazing!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Those glass sculptures are truly amazing, I do love Chilhuly's work and would dearly love to see his working process as the pieces look effortless but must be so complex to make. Great price for the slate table mats, I never think of shopping in Wilkos, yet it's a good store!
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

Lynn Holland said...

Kew Gardens and the Mary Quant exhibition are becoming a big pull for a trip to London. I’ll have to have a word with himself and see if he’s up for it
Loving the colours on you pages
Lynn x 13

Annie said...

Love the Kew Gardens pics. Your pages made me think of a map....lovely.
Annie x #10

Marit said...

I know exactly how it feels.. starting a spread thinking 'yes' and then it goes down from there on... however, you know and I know that it will eventually turn out ok when you work on it some more. Good luck, enjoy the process! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #17

Glenda said...

The glass piece is amazing! I've always had a secret love of the art form! Wanted to take classes at one point! Happy WOYWW Glenda #9

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Helen, the glasswork display is amazing. Will be putting it on our must visit list, I think. Can recall many years ago at a Hobbycrafts for Christmas show at the NEC, there were glassblown Fairy Castles on dispalay, fully 6 or 7 feet tall. Amazing. Like the journal colours, they go so well together. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Smiled at your desk, when saw the post note knew what would be, because I’m out or still in bed as he does come way too early too. Would be good for you as prob not left for work! Love both of your pages and am sure they’ll be great in end too, wow to glass blowing too!
Happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Christine said...

Remember the old days when the Postman came back to check if you had come home? My Grandad & Uncles would turn in their graves if they knew how the postman deliver today and the wages starting at £17k!!! Sign of the times ...

Look forward to seeing the journal page finished, I'm sure you will have a brainwave and then produce a masterpiece.
Have a good week thinking then painting
Christine #20

glitterandglue said...

Morning Helen. I actually like the way that journal page is shaping up - especially the final picture... And as for the glass sculpture - oh my word! One talented artist!!!
I must send the link to my daughter who often visits KEW when she and the family have a chance!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #1

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Yeah, I'm familiar with those RM calling cards. Our previous postie signed for them and even left them by the door if it didn't fit in the letter box and nothing ever went missing, but our current postman is so precise, he would never do it. Oh well, at least they redeliver now, which they didn't used to. I do like your page, even with the circles. The little beads add so much texture. I often get bogged down at his stage too - once you get a great background, it's almost like staring at a blank page again, isn't it? Perhaps even worse cause you don't want to mess it up! It will all come together in the end - some pieces just need some breathing time to come to their own. That glass sculpture is truly amazing! I wasn't sure it wasn't a real flower at first glance! Happy #514 zsuzsa #21

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Helen, every time I see you with a journal on the go I think I must get to back to mine.....just need to stop being distracted. The glass blown flowers are gorgeous. My hubby did a bit when he was doing his Art degree and apparently some of the powdered metal Oxides they used to get the colours are very Toxic but not sure if that is still the case. Still they are gorgeous. Look forward to seeing what arrives in the post. Happy woyww, Angela x16x

StampinCarol said...

Absolutely LOVE the glass flowers! Wow! What skill!
We are our own worst critics but I do like the colors and the texture I see. Hope you figure out what you need to do to make you happy with the page.
Have a great week!
Carol N #24

Twiglet said...

The slate place mats sound a great idea and yes we have a brilliant Wilcos here too - always worth a trip. The glass artwork is stunning - what a fab place to display it too. xxx Jo

Elizabeth said...

Your photos from Kew are wonderful! The blown glass flowers are fantastic but I must admit my favourite shots are of the tulip meadow. It's got me thinking about planting some bulbs in our grass this autumn. Your journal looked so like an aerial view of a beautiful river valley. Hope you finally get your order delivered. Elizabeth x #26

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Those glass creations are so lovely. I hope you can show us more when the exhibition opens fully. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter) #27

Shoshi said...

What annoys me most about those delivery cards is when they shove one through the letterbox and I was in all the time!! We've put a label on the bell saying "Please ring the bell." Duh. I LOVE your page, Helen - it reminds me of an ancient map! Gorgeous. As for the sculpture, that is stunning. Lovely interesting post! Thank you for your visit - so glad you found my new blog and can see photos at last.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #23

Anne said...

That sculpture is stunning! Love the colours! I need to look at more and will. I hate the note re parcels, heart sinks when I see them! Anne X 14

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. If it is our 'usual' postman, he will either sit outside and beep the horn to let us know he is there and needing a signature (we are either in the house or on the yard) or I will see him when I am out walking the dog (I then do the signature and he leaves the package in our porch). One advantage of living in such a rural area. Beautiful glasswork at Kew. I really want to go back there sooner rather than later. Perhaps we can arrange a trip to London this year? Ali x #22

Sue said...

Hi Helen, I love the journal pages. Looks like land and sea to me.

Off to check out your Kew photos.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #13

Belinda said...

Love your journaling pages. The color and texture is so nice. I went to a place to try glassblowing about a year ago and it was so much fun. I think you nailed it with your description in your post - Wow!! That is so amazing. I can't believe someone made those beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing them with us. Thanks for the visit!
Belinda #25

Stacy Sheldon said...

OOH wow Helen that glass must be utterly amazing in person even on a not bright day your photo just sparkles. :) I think that the circles will leave extra texture as the layers build on the page right? that could be really cool to run your fingers over later when its done. ~Stacy #28

Lindart said...

Kew seems like such an awesome place - you are so lucky to live nearby! I'm sure that journal page will come together and you will love it, it certainly has started well - I like the colors and the textures! Thanks for your visit and have a great week! Lindart #29

Miriam said...

I really like that page Helen. Love the texture On it.
Hope you managed to collect your parcel.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Gorgeous colours Helen! Hugs, Chrisx