Saturday, 3 September 2016

Wow, what a day - Seth Apter workshop with Paperartsy

Glossing  quickly over Southern Rail's attempts to screw up the day, today saw me heading at 6.15 to Shenfield in Essex for the Paperartsy - Seth Apter workshop.
Big thanks to Leandra for picking myself, Kirsten and Claire up from the station (and back again) - loved the detour to the home of Paperartsy and the farm, we can envisage you all the better now.

Anyhow, on to Seth and the workshop - managed to take quite a few photos during the day (and the camera remains paint free) - we were working on a large canvas along with a smaller one to mount on top.  Seth is a very patient guy and explained and showed each step so we all knew what we were doing..
 after Seth got us all to introduce ourselves to the class it was time to get painty..
 Jo and Alison
there were lots of ladies I didn't know, but I do know Claire and Darcy of course
 with her back to me, Caz, Miriam, Jo
 Kirsten and Claire next to Darcy

 first two paint colours mixing on the canvas... you'd never guess by the end of it this is were it starts!

We had a selection of Frescos to work with, including the new Seth colours... oh boy.. fabulous or what!
 couple more layers..

 keep going...mono printing off a sheet of smoothy cardstock (bit like gelli printing I guess)
 tea break, Miriam showing Seth the swap journal she and Darcy and doing
 back to work... get some paint on the smaller canvas, and some water-pulling (I couldn't get this to work, so will be trying again soon)

 big gap in photos now, where we leap to stencils... lots and lots of stencil layers

Seth made sure we all knew what we were doing at each step of the way and helped lots (especially with my water pulling that didn't! )
thanks to Julie Hickey for taking this
 next work in progress shot , getting some die cuts in there
 next step,nearly at the end now, some pen work and shadowing and mark making... we spent 45 minutes on this that flew by (and I will be adding to at home)
everyone listening and watching intently
 Seth and Rebecca who was sitting next to me
 more watching intently

 lots of tweeting going on..
 my table, I seem to have not got Hazel in for some reason, so sorry Hazel!
Bernadette, Jackie and Debs
 someone (Claire!) has already let out of the bag that I had a big splurge.... well like that was a surprise..
 close up...
 closer..  stamps...

 added to my stencil stash too  (sorry about the flash glare)

a HUGE thank you to Seth and Mark and Leandra for putting on this workshop - it ran so smoothly (lunch was gorgeous) and everyone gave so freely of their time.

to the PAtwits I already knew and the ones I didn't before today, thanks for making it so much fun.

just lifted this group photo from Facebook.. in all our painty glory


sam21ski said...

Lovely stash, but then didn't expect anything else really. Loving your finished piece, glad you had a great day x

craftimamma said...

Wow, what a fantastic day. I'm so sorry to keep going on about it but I'm even more gutted now that I had to back out at almist the last minute. Thanks for doing such a grand job taking all the fab photos and love all your stash. Last but by no means least I think your canvas is wonderful!!!

Lesley Xx

Kyla said...

Wow looks amazing so wish the west country had classes and shops like that!! ๐Ÿ˜„

Claire said...

Fab round up of the day Helen. Sorry I ruined your stash surprise - but I'm pretty sure nobody is shocked by it lol! Was lovely to see you again after such a long time. Your canvas looked beautiful. Claire xx

Artmadnana said...

Your canvas is fantastic Helen. I love the way you've assembled everything and the colours are wonderful. I keep going back to look as there are so many layers. It's very inspiring! You have a great stash of loot there too. So pleased you had a wonderful time. Shame we didn't share it with you xxx

Unknown said...

Wow great blog post as always! Looks like u had a fab day Helen X

Kirsten said...

Fab blog post, Helen, well done on getting it done so quickly. Great to see all the photos, I love your canvas & you got a very nice selection of new stash.

Julia Dunnit said...

Wonderful day, looks fab, I love the project. All that stencilling, looks just great!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so jealous. Not of your stash, but of the fact you got to meet Seth. I dream of that, but he is never in the midwest US. You look like you had fun and the whole experience was captured beautifully.

The one thing I noticed on the group photo was the one woman who sat in the front row had to bring her humungus purse with her. Surely she wasn't worried someone would run off with it! To me, it spoiled the entire photo.

Glad you had a good time and got there and back safely, too. Thanks for sharing.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

So NICE to see all the photos!

Gabrielle said...

So very, very pleased you had a wonderful day - the photos look amazing! What cool techniques!

Sarah B said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time - lovely photos as usual. Love your finished canvas - lots of painty fun xxx

Astrid Maclean said...

You lucky, lucky thing I am sooooo jealous! I watched Leandra's periscope yesterday and some of Seth's too, I bet you had an amazing time!! Fantastic canvas and thanks so much for sharing all those wonderful photos!! Enjoy your new stash (no surprises there lol). I can feel a shopping spree coming on too just seeing it all....

Caz said...

I don't know how you get your blog posts up so quick...I've been faffing with mine (plus technical hitch of can't get photos off phone!) all morning, off and on!
Loved your canvas - will we ever *really* finish them...I've spotted more to do on mine!
Great to see youo again - we need more PAtwits meet-ups!
I'm going for a snooze now I think!!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Helen! This really looks brilliant! What a wonderful time you must all have had! Great haul of stash too - of course would have been disappointed if you had resisted temptation! Hugs, Chrisx

craftytrog said...

Great photos as usual Helen! It was indeed an amazing day!

butterfly said...

Looks like a fabulous day - love the one of you all listening intently, and the project you created is just amazing with all those layers and shadows and highlights. I've deliberately come here first before checking out the finishing touches post - so I'm headed there next.

And what a haul of new stash - am definitely envious as I glance at my travelling kit. Hope to resist doing major crafty shopping while I'm here, but you're not helping!!
Alison x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

There you are, told you I'd be back! Just had to have a look at your day out with Seth. Bet you had a fab time. Great project and lovely stash, Angela x 17