Monday, 2 September 2013

It's Paperartsy 3UP time again

To celebrate their 10th birthday, the wonderful people at Paperartsy are having a party - a blog party and I was delighted to be invited to take part again following a recruitment campaign on twitter.

This time we were sent a bigger parcel of goodies and a list of instructions - here's mine:
We all got a colour swatch to follow, a substrate - as you see, mine is a little box with a loose lid, stamps, Paperartsy smoothy paper, and some embellishments (a pack of flowers)

I loved the colour swatch I was given, and chose my paints accordingly...
I painted the whole of the inside and out with Haystack, then added the other colours - Hey Pesto, Chocolate Pudding and Smoked Paprika, adding paint, wiping it back and adding more, until I was happy.. though not so with the photos, sorry!
I decided I would add some hinges to my box, to make it easier (I hoped) to photograph and more use later...Luckily the instructions said we could add our own embellishments to what we were sent, and I had some little hinges. Finding a hammer was more of a problem, till I remembered my Tim Holtz Texture Hammer!
I admit, I really, totally struggled with the set of stamps I was given... I am not a cat girl, and couldn't work out how to use many of them on my box...  So I took one of the patterns from the set, and stamped round the edges.
The flowers would be easy to use, I love flowers both in stamp form and as embellishments. but the top needed something else, so I stamped the same pattern onto some tissue paper (I have been hoarding some sheets of the much-missed Paperartsy crackly tissue  but any thin tissue will work) 4 times, then painting the tissue with Smoked Paprika, cutting out the strips, trimming to fit the lid and applying with Paperartsy Fresco Satin Glaze.
I applied two coats of Satin Glaze over the whole of the lid, and one to the sides.

Time to arrange  the flowers - that took ages longer than I thought, to get them right.  I decided to add some extra bits - idea-ology from my stash - to break up the softness a bit.
Close up of the flowers.

I decided to leave the box plain inside so it can be used as a little trinket box.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in organising this at Paperartsy - I know it's been a lot of work - and for letting me play again with you!

Happy 10th birthday, Paperartsy.


Miriam said...

Beautiful work Helen - love your project!

Julie Ann Lee said...

It looks great, Helen! Those stamps would have given me nightmares! Yet you all used them so well, you've almost won me over! I love the border you chose! Like, you, I always love flowers on a project. I am a cat lady, but even so those stamps are well challenging! Julie Ann xx

Gabrielle said...

Looks fabulous! Looks like you didn't have any problems at all! Mwah x

Anonymous said...

You did very well & the box is lovely. The border looks great.

finnella03 said...

Well done. You did a great piece!

jojo79 said...

Lovely project Helen.

Jacqui Chimes said...

This is lovely Helen

sam21ski said...

I'm still laughing!!

Sam xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love, love, love this box and the really feminine feel you gave it.

Now you KNOW I'm a cat person, but I am not fond of those stamps. The border is nice, and the one saying about alarm clock snooze buttons is OK, but the rest are for the birds, or maybe dogs. You did an EXCELLENT job with what you were given.

Anita Abercrombie said...

Your box looks fabulous, such a clever use of very awkward stamps!!

inkypinkycraft said...

a great make , those stamps were a challenge! you did great work on your box and the colours look good, think you did a great job! x

craftytrog said...

It's fabulous Helen! I wouldn't have known what to do with those stamps at all! Well done! x

craftimamma said...

Blimey, these really made us work didn't they Helen, lol! In the end though you have a beautiful little box. Love the finish you've achieved and your border stamping is spot on.

Lesley Xx

butterfly said...

Absolutely love this, Helen... Like Julie Ann, I'd've found these stamps really tricky - but you've made them look so cool. A great make.
Alison x