Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WOYWW 171 - gifts

Thanks for all your kind words and wishes last week.  But it's time for another WOYWW (what's on your workdesk Wednesday) again already! Queen Julia wants us to bare all - desks, chairs, floors - wherever you craft - show it all here 

My patch on the floor today shows the results of my previous post (here) - journal page and the 'cheer me up' gift that I wrote about from Leandra (look at  the cute smiley face on the packing, hmmm it's about time I threw that away!)

 I haven't done any more since Friday though, as I was down at Mum's house again on Saturday with my brother - I spent the day tidying the garden - filling 10 sacks in the process, which we took to the dump on the way home.... shattered or what! Still a fair bit to do, before we can either rent it out or sell it.

Hopefully I'll get crafty this weekend though.... !!

Anyhow, sorry I didn't get to visit many of your desks last week, I will try harder this time, promise!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It never hurts to have an extra smiley face around (grin). Looks like that journal is getting filled.

It takes time to clear a house. I know how hard it must be, especially with all the memories attached.

Thanks for the visit earlier today. I appreciate that you appreciated my blog post for 9/11.

I have no number yet, so I'll just wish you a great week.

scrappymo! said...

Your journal pages look great...wish I could see the whole thing!!!I am so nosy, I know!

sandra de said...

We all need a smiley face. Maybe you need to keep it for a background for one of your gorgeous art journal pages.
Sandra @23

Neet said...

That's a lovely "cheer up chuck" envelope you have there and such fab stuff inside it too.
I know what it is like when you are trying to sell a house and the garden just keeps growing weeks and tall grass. We got a gardener in at the end as we were travelling quite a distance to his aunts. He kept it tidy for us.
Hope things brighten up for you before long.

Hugs, Neet 17 xx

505whimsygirl said...

I agree with everyone -- there are NEVER enough smiley faces!

Love those vintage images.

Hugs, Kay #33

SandeeNC said...

Looks like you have a great journal going there, and hugs for clearing the house, that's hard work. I've been there so I understand! waving the #50 from the hills of North Carolina :)

Inkypinkycraft said...

Hopethings are better for you you really soon hugstrace x

Krisha said...

I vote to keep the smiley face, because it works!!
Krisha #50

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

lovely gifts, always a pleasure to receive them , and hope this week is better for you :)))
Happy woyww
Jennie #44

fairy thoughts said...

I love paperartsy too. great stamps.
please dont throw the smiley faces away, therre's a project there waiting to be altered or used in something. thanks for sharing

Spyder said...

Busy desk as always,...and perhaps you should take before and after pictures of your garden tidy up.. I would only rent it for a short time, and then see if the market picks up a bit...our neighbour rents his mum's place, (next door)has done for over 10 years now...I wish he'd sell it, coz the people who have lived in there (about 5 different lots)so far have let the garden over grow! Its the worse place in the road.

Unknown said...

Hi Helen thanks for popping by. We have three houses opposite us all doing exactly what you are. Clearing out and doing up. It is a long tiring job. I hope you get time to craft soon. Keep the smily face I say! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 5

Anonymous said...

We had the hedges trimmed and a tree taken out and the budliea trimmed back totally, so I feel your pain. Not a huge fan of garden work. Desk is looking good too. Love the smilie :)

MA (1)

Anonymous said...

We had the hedges trimmed and a tree taken out and the budliea trimmed back totally, so I feel your pain. Not a huge fan of garden work. Desk is looking good too. Love the smilie :)

MA (1)

CraftygasheadZo said...

Love the look of those stamps and your journal page is fab, but then usually are! Take care Zo xx 109

Redanne said...

I would keep the smiley face for a bit longer if I was you, he is cute. Love, love, love those PaperArtsy stamps and also your lovely journal page. Hope the rest of the clearance goes well for you. Take care. Crafty hugs, Anne x #82

Angie said...

Industrious and creative what next?? a great job I think.
Just had a catch up, love last weeks work Thanks for dropping by... btw you are 19 now and i have moved 3 places???. xx#83

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I LOVE that voices sentiment!! LOL, just brilliant. What a lovely thing to receive from glad it helped to cheer you up...also that you've finally got some pay that was due to you.
Hugs, LLJ #73 xx

BJ said...

Great pages Helen and LOADS of gardening done too, you must be shattered. Good luck with the job hunt and hang in there. Hugs BJ#102

House of Bears said...

Your journal pages look great. Love those stamps too. They're on our

The bears@#113

crafty....du said...

Super creative and busy desk :)

Kerry # 7

mamapez5 said...

Keep the smiley face even if you discard the rest of it. It will make you smile whenever you catch sight of it. Take time to relax in between all that clearing up. Kate x#128

Carmen Wing said...

I agree - keep the smiley face - it obviously makes YOU smile :)

Loving how fat your journal is getting!

Twiglet said...

Well done on all the clrearing - it's hard going but has to be done and then you can chill once it's all sorted. Take care. x Jo

Daniella said...

Looks like you are doing awesome things! I love the book you are making!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely way to cheer someone up, wonderful to have friends like that. Good luck with whatever you decide to do about the work situation, hope you can at least come to a decision. Knowing what you're going to do will take a weight off your shoulders. Glad to see you're creating again too.

Brenda 3

sandysewin said...

Clearing out a house is such a difficult, emotional thing. It's good to have a creative outlet to turn to afterwards.

Don't toss the smiley, he's too cute! Maybe you could use him in one of your journal pages.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #28

Hettie said...

Aw Helen....."cheer me up" gifts and smiley every time.

fairy thoughts said...

ohhhh I just love paper artsy stamps, great pressie but please dont throw the smiley away it is just crying out to be a project
thanks for sharing
janet #39

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Hee hee! Love the stamp "You're just jealous that the voices talk to me!" Well, hey, there are plenty of voices to go around. And who couldn't be cheerful with that smiley face around?! 10 sacks of gardening waste? Geez! You'd better rest up before diving in to play.

Katie said...

Looks like you have a lot of fun stash to play with :)

Katie 40

trisha too said...

Oh my yes, those stamps are fabulous, but why are you hiding that gorgeous page?

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha, #144

Tertia said...

I would never throw that away, it made me smile just looking at it. I say, alter it and frame it.
Loving the stamps.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #48

Tertia said...

I would never throw that away, it made me smile just looking at it. I say, alter it and frame it.
Loving the stamps.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #48

Sue from Oregon said...

Yes, love that voices stamp...and of course your smiley face LOL!

RosC said...

That smiley face could live inside a cupboard door and give you a happy surprise when you open it.
Great stamps. Hope the house project is completed err long. It's hard work and takes tenacity that one doesn't always have at the time.
Take care,
Ros. #157

Alison said...

Hi Helen
Hope you have a crafty weekend!
Alison x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Helen, sounds like you have your worked out what with clearing out a house/garden and job-hunting at the same time. Having had to clear my own mother's house a few years ago, I know just how difficult that is but is sounds as though you are making progress. I wish you luck on the job front ... I hope you find the right one for you. Great stamp sets on your desk this week and I like the smiley face :)) Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #12

Eliza said...

I gave up gardening for the craft room now I breed weeds and some are actually pretty too. I really would love to see more of your jornal pages, you should just do a post of page after page. I am sure you would get a lot of people looking. I also am a lover of paperatsy.

Eliza #88

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Hi Helen, just been on the Stwmp Attic blog and thought of you , just thought I would pop by and see if you are ok and if things have improved at work, I hope so. Take care. Tracy x

Tamika said...

It's OK people are posting their messes so fast its hard for anyone to keep up!