Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chemistry homework - complete

Well, It's April 1st all right... my 'ex' wedding anniversary (yes, really - I think I told the story last year...)

Anyhow Liverpool have lost again and I am in a bad mood - but I have finished my Creative Chemistry lessons (apart from day 6 that I can't do as mentioned yesterday) so here are days, 8 9 and 10.

Day 8

Techniques - Dabber Resist, Crackle Paint Resist and Shattered Stains

Love shattered stains - fabulous effect!
Day 9

Techniques - Perfect Distress Mist, Perfect Distress and Perfect Splatter Distress
Is it me or does the first one look like a coral reef (not that I've ever been down to see one!) all blue sea and  weeds flowing in the water.....
and Day 10

Technique - Rock Candy Distress Stickles
Not sure if I've got enough stickles here, the bottle is nearly empty so it was reluctant to come out!!

A huge thank you to Tim, Mario and everyone else involved in making and producing these lessons - it was an absolute blast!! Hope there'll be more in future. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed some new and some old techniques and have the evidence to refer back to forever. Brilliant!


brenda said...

How depressing was that Helen, even humiliating given what happened towards the end (: (:

Thank goodness you are sharing some
some lovely bright tags. I really should have a go with my rock candy stickles, they are just gathering dust.

B x

Anonymous said...

Lovely tags & I agree you, that does look like a coral reef. I'm almost out of rock candy distress stickles too, must remedy that asap.

flutterbycrafter said...

Yes it does look like a coral reef, and I've been to one, lol. You've made a tremendous job of all your tags, lovely colours and stamps you've used, super xx

inkypinkycraft said...

some more great tags, glad you enjoyed it, i had a ball!!!! hugs trace x

Lesley Edmonds said...

Oh my word - all gorgeous! I love the second trio especially!!!
Celebrate your ex-anniversary -it's a good thing to celebrate. I was a single mum for 7 years before Ed swept me off my feet. I must say I enjoyed every moment of my independence.

BJ said...

Morning Helen,
Thanks for your comments on my AB.

Yep you are right - seems I have gone ahead of the game with decorating, can't help myself! Glad Elizabeth's answer set your mind at rest about where you have got to.

I see you have been busy with the Creative Chemistry 101 course, very nice indeed. Doubt I'd have enough TH products to do that, I hardly have any for his April TAG at that!

I got my water brush from the Art shop in Epsom, I think you just need one with a valve so not necessarily Tim's. I guess it was worth the extra cost to get one of those, it has served me well over the years.

Love everything you do.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Liverpool are not doing so well are they.... although it could be worse lol...a bit.

Yes it does look like a coral reef. Gorgeous colours. Especially as you were in a bad mood. I tend to go for dark dark colours when I'm not jolly, with lots of scratch lines and scissored edges lol black...BLACK!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've been reading about your Creative Chemistry lessons and like what you have made. I am a BIG fan of backgrounds, and some of these look like the backgrounds are to DIE FOR!

I agree with your comment on my blog about making what I like rather than making what I should. In the previous class, I made a spread, then found a Design Principle that I thought went with it, rather than the other way around. It helped me see the "parts" better. I think those of us who don't have an art background feel overwhelmed by these lessons. I know I did before and I still DO. So I hope you will create a few things, then determine what Principle they most closely represent. There is no shame in that!

Gez said...

I love ALL your tags Helen. They are beautiful and inspirational. Footie's not going good atm moment I know.. thank goodness we have our art to escape too!
Enjoy your altered book.. great post above, thank you for sharing. Gez.xx

Alison said...

These are all gorgeous Helen! I've got to re-stock the rock candy stickles too! Lol! x

Anita Houston said...

Yay you! These are all wonderful! I hope to finish by next behind! I love the balloon image against your backgrounds...nice!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

It was a wonderful course - wasn't it?! I enjoyed every lesson :) Your results are wonderful.