Saturday, 31 March 2012

Creative Chemistry - Days 3, 4, 5 and 7!

Coo what a day I've had - re-watching the lessons - stopping and starting them - and generally getting inky!

Day 3
Techniques - Alcohol Ink Agate, Archival Resist and Reflections Stamping (without reflections stamps!)

Day 4
Techniques - Watercolouring with Re-inkers and Layered Misting (Custom Stamp Pad is missing due to lack of supplies!)

Day 5
Stained Kraft Resist, Stamping with Stains (love this one!) and Marbled Stains

 and a spare Kraft resist piece

Day 6 - missing due to lack of distress markers or any suitable alternatives!

Day 7

Techniques - Nostalgic Batik (without the ironing layer) Rusted Enamel and Distress Powder Resist.

I am quite tired now - I started about 11 am and just finished... the other 3 days can come tomorrow.
Sorry about some of the photos, I ran out of daylight...

Here's what happens to your water brush that isn't Tim's one from Ranger - it sucks up the colour...
Oops, what a mess in the background of the shot.... oh well a creative crafty space, you've all seen worse! (and look, I found the hole re-inforcers - they weren't where they are now, when I couldn't find them yesterday, honest, I'm not that poor-sighted!)
Now for my steak and chips...if I can unfurl my knees!


Netty said...

wow you have been busy Helen you must be positively crafted out. Steak and Chips sounds good, will be round shortly.....yummy, x 'oops forgot to say the tags all look fab. x

Miriam said...

Fabulous. You have been busy! Never seen a brush react like that though!

Alison said...

Looks like you've had a fab inky day Helen...your tags look brilliant! x

Sam said...

Lovely tags there Helen. What time can I come round for the steak or have I missed it? Sorry I didn't come earlier but took part in the Earth Hour, then ironing so am a little late! Better late than never ey?
If your hands are as inky as mine, then we could both do with a scrubbie!!LOL x

flutterbycrafter said...

You certainly had a busy creative day yesterday, put me to shame, they are all stunning xx

Carmen said...

Just been catching up. Your tags are AMAZING! You are almost convincing me to join the class thingy but a) I doubt I have all the products needed and b) I am still *trying* not to join anymore till I complete the ones I already paid for.