Friday, 30 March 2012

Creative Chemistry - Day 2 lesson

Tim Holtz has as most of you know, been running a great online class and I dithered about signing up (was trying to save money, though it's not expensive and wasn't sure if I'd have time but blah blah blah here I am and it is FAB) Hope that link works - it keeps remembering me as a student and takes me straight in!!

So, even though everyone else is on the final day, I am just starting  - here are my Day 2 tags.
Blended Distress (Spritz and Flick)      Brushless Watercolour and    Wrinkle-Free Distress
I have done each of these techniques before but love them all, although I have to say my wrinkle-free is one of the worst I have ever done (but am too tired to do it again tonight!)  Alison, I told you I'd use this stamp for the brushless watercolour!!

Hope to get a few more days lessons done over the weekend!!


Kaz said...

I have to do mine tomorrow.......I'm so behind yours look fab x

brenda said...

We are all critical of our own work Helen, but your colour blending looks great to me.

Have a good weekend.

B x

flutterbycrafter said...

Well these look wonderful to me. I've been keeping up with the videos but have only got as far as day 2. We've been in your neck of the woods and had a fabulous time at Kew. xx

Netty said...

All beautiful tags Helen, x

Sam said...

Loving that stamp you have used! Lovely x