Friday, 15 January 2010

Welcome back Archie

Well, in the end I had a complete change of direction this evening - back to the ferro/terra/metallic paints and metal! I was re-reading a post Hels did based on an earlier one of Lin's where you can find detailed instructions for most of the techniques I've done here.  I didn't want to get my melt pot out tonight so I went for Archie who I painted with a mixture of blue azure viva paint (which I also used over the terra) and Claudine Hellmuth dab of yellow acrylic paint.  I think it needs some sort of sentiment on it but I couldn't pick the right one.  I may add something later if I can make my mind up - any ideas??

At least it's more or less flat so it's scanned a lot better than the recent pieces. However, looking at it now its posted, the painting doesn't look too neat, may have to try and sort that tomorrow!


Hels Sheridan said...

Love this and the fab colours Helen...just a tip...I noticed you said that when you scan something that isn't flat it doesn't scan properly...if it is the same as mine...what you need to do is .. scan in Home Mode and when the item is scanned, click on the Marquee button, this will then put a black/white line around your image and get rid of the rest of the scanner bed in the pic...hope this works and I haven't just made a prat of myself ROFL...hugs x

Neet said...

See you made it. Lovely piece of work - wish I had time to do Archie in metal but who knows, when I get back from my trip. Love the background work as well, he looks great in the arch.
Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.