Wednesday, 20 July 2016

WOYWW 372 - Welcome back, Julia!

Phew, what a scorcher... England is gripped by a mini heatwave, with temperatures in the upper 80's and humidity and overnight sticky hard-to-sleep conditions..  I hate it!    Serves us right for moaning at all the rain we've had over the early part of the summer..

Anyway, it's time to write my weekly WOYWW post - and as the title says, welcome back to our beloved leader Julia,  still recovering from her surgery but able to take back the reins from her (and our) good friend Jan.  
Of course it's been too hot for crafting but I did splash a bit of paint around at the weekend with my new JoFY stamps (new to me anyhow)
stamps still haven't made it away, as you can see!  I'll get round to finishing the pages once the weather cools down...

I was hoping to have another new set to share with you, from the Everything Art range for Paperartsy, released last Friday through the Wanderlust course I'm still following (but not doing anything for at present!) No doubt as always, it will arrive during the day on Wednesday - still give you something to see next week!

I went to Kew again last Saturday and spent 4 hours there, the results are here but I warn you, 4 hours = hundreds of photos ! so I'll understand if a Wednesday isn't the best time for you to catch up with them!

Have a great day, stay cool (or keep warm depending on where you are!) 


Angela Radford said...

Hi Helen, You're early with the post Lol! It's been too hot for me today. I never moan about the rain, I quite like it as it helps the plants to grow and our strawberries have been spectacular this year.
Love the journal pages and look forward to seeing the new stamps. Wishing you a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x (obviously no number yet!)

Neet said...

Had a terrible night with this heat. We just aren't equipped for it are we.
Looking forward to seeing your new stuff, I think the next best thing to me buying crafting goodies is seeing what others have bought. Very rare you disappoint me on that one.
Am hoping we get to meet up at Port Sunny - at last seeing Helen.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Nikki C said...

I wish we had more rain over here it would be great I find 80 not so bad it's when this week end comes we are expecting 34 c with a humidity of 42+c which is about 107f it's going to be a hide inside day for me with a fan and crafts
I'm sure you new stash will arrive shortly hugs Nikki 1
Stay cool

butterfly said...

Not so unbearably hot here in CZ, but some lovely sunshine the last few days. No crafting though - no supplies! I've just been debating whether to order the new Everything Art stamps, but given I won't be able to play with them before November it hardly seems worth it!

Love the two sides here - house and garden - and great colours.
Alison x

BJ said...

Yes it has been jolly hot hasn't it, especially "upstairs". Lovely journal pages. Happy WOYWW BJ#10

glitterandglue said...

Morning Helen. I like the pages you are making - that "brickwork" stamp is great. Have peeped at some of your other pages over the past few weeks. Kew looks simply fabulous - the descriptions to go with the photos are such fun. It encourages my heart so much to know I am not the only person who walks through these places and grovels around on the floor!!! Read your Wimbledon page too - you were at THAT match - watched it from my settee - it was fabulous.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #5

Annie said...

As you say we shouldn't complain bout the heat but.....phew! It's all or nothing in England isn't it?....but at least it gives us something to talk about eh? Lol
Annie x #12

Diana Taylor said...

I love the stamp set - I have a thing about little houses! The pages are looking great but I am finding it too hard to craft in this heat too - my studio is up in the loft and it's twice as hot as the rest of the house! Just enjoyed a wonderful visit to Kew this morning - it was lovely, and much cooler than doing it in person!
Hope you have a great week,
Diana #22

Chidkid said...

I'm with you on the heatwave. It's a little cooler today. Love the look of those stamps. Elaine # 14

Lisca Meijer said...

Yes. hot weather is no crafting weather! You are lucky that you can go to Kew Gardens when you want. You must live quite near. You are right, Wednesday is not the ideal day to look through so many photos but I will on some other day, as I love seeing them.
Have a great week,

lilian said...

Tidy work desk, Wish mine was like that

Lilian B #20

sandra de said...

Loving how the journal pages are turning out. Have a lovely week and I look for ward to a peek of your goodies next week.
sandra de @32

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. It is cooler in Pembrokeshire today, so I am back in my craft room. Loving those stamps. I have finally started doing some art journalling and trying hard not to buy everything I see - off to our local craft shop tomorrow for some 'essentials' (stencils, white pen, ink sprays ...). I do have a lot of random stash in my craft room already, but not a lot of inky/painty stuff. I love Kew - and was only thinking yesterday that I would love to live closer to London. It is such a long way from West Wales - and I struggle with travel now. Ali x #30

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Helen,lovely colours for the backgrounds. Muted, but vibrant. Brilliant news about the crop, isn't it? Looking forward to that now, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3

Christine said...

Soooo agree with you about the heat, I am thankful for a north facing room which is a blessing in this sort of weather.
Love the photos from Kew.
Have a good week
aka Bishopsmate #24 ish

Sharon Koole said...

Great stamp set - love the page you've made!

I'm hoping the sunshine will stay but it will cool down. It's been hot and humid here, horrible to sleep, and was hoping to get a break from the heat while I was over there. I'll never complain about the sunshine though - would prefer it dry!

Have a lovely week
Sharon K #37

LisaDV said...

Fun art pages. Great stamp set. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV #33.

Twiglet said...

Oh wow Helen - your Kew pics are totally gorgeous - will tell Maxine to have a look - inspiration for her dumfing pics! x Jo

Felicia Aaron said...

Helen the starts of your journal spread is so cute, I love it! I wish we had a PaperArtsy store here, it would be such a dream! LOLOL I look forward to seeing your finished spread! Those Kew pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us and.....doing the hard part!LOLOL Blessings, Felicia #40

dmgarafalo said...

Kew looks spectacular! have a blessed day, donna #41

Sue said...

Hi Helen, Your journal pages look fab.

The photos from Kew are beautiful.

Hope the temps cool down for you (and me:) 33 here today).

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #6

Kathyk said...

Fab looking desk.

Looks like the Darnell Roadshow is heading north next, sorry!



Lea.H said...

You have some really lovely pages there!
It's been far too warm for me too! :( Lea #50

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Your photos of Kew are fabulous, I've followed it through on your blog and FB. I haven;t been there for ages - must rectify that soon!
Those are pretty colours you've been working with, I like them!
HUgs, LLJ xxx

Mrs.D said...

Helen, thanks for visiting my page and persevering to find the correct post.
I'm very jealous that you went to Kew, it was one of the places I said I wanted to go to while we were in the London area, and of course it hasn't happened, but love all your photos.
Chris #27 eventually

Vicky Fisher said...

I'm not complaining about the weather though it is hot, is much better then the horrible rain weather we had. The only thing is not much creating is happening, wednesday a swim in the pool, yesterday a day at the bach, ah summertime. Thanks for your visit, Happy WOYWW Vicky #34

Julia Dunnit said...

I love the heat, but then particularly this year, I'm not actually going to work and jostling about on buses and trains, you must be exhausted! liking that JoFy set there, she's a clever gal, huh. I'm feeling quite out of touch with new stuff I must say, think even MeBart has been surprised by the lack of shopping!

okienurse said...

I don't care too much for the heat…makes me irritable and nauseous most of the time. It was over 100F today…it is 8pm and is still 97F (36c). Miserable heat but at least I have my pool and the air-conditioning to keep me comfortable. I loved Kew Gardens and when my husband and I went a few years ago we found out his Grandfather was a gardener there in 1850 before he immigrated to the US. Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk! Vickie #48

pearshapedcrafting said...

Ooh! Those JOFY stamps! I daren't have another spend yet though! Hugs, Chrisx