Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WOYWW 306 - the post Ally Pally reveal

Hello, welcome back for another Wednesday desk reveal.. although of course mine's not on a desk.
Confused? Check out Julia's Stamping Ground for all the info you need (and quite possibly a bit extra)

Last weekend I went to Ally Pally, as I mentioned last Wednesday.  The show has seriously gone downhill in recent years, and is nowhere near as good as it used to be - I know it's partly my tastes changing, but there is much less to interest me now - and many more of the "every craft's a £1" type stall...

 Having said that, I did buy "one or two" things...
for a better look, and in close up, the review I wrote about it when I got home, is here   I still had a great day though, meeting up and spending quality time with friends (which made it all worth going)

I bumped into Ali and Lynda, too, although I didn't get a photo, they did!

some of you have already seen the pictures from the day, as I linked to the post on FB - thank you!

Last Wednesday, I had to take the afternoon off to go to a funeral of the Mum of an old family friend.  On the way home I just "happened" to pop into Ikea (it's an awkward trip for me without a car involving multiple buses) But I had a bit of time and as Shaz had said that the storage boxes I use for my wooden stamps, are still available (they weren't in the catalogue I got through the door, so I had assumed they'd stopped doing them) I went to check it out.

Because I was carrying this on the bus I could only manage one but the green ones on top come flat packed and were a total bargain (a 2-pack for £1.50) and fitted into my handbag...
I haven't had time to fill these yet, but will do soon.

So, thanks for the tip-off Shaz, it was a trip worth making.

You may be amazed to hear, that all of my new goodies have already been put "away"  - and some of them (as you may have seen from the 3 posts I wrote on Sunday) - have been used!
Hope this is short and sweet enough Julia, and hope that you all have a great week.


MrsC.x said...

thanks for visiting me already, i had read yours but as no number didnt comment just yet. unusual angle trying to get whole desk in....not a complete success lol

I think shows like Ally Pally may have had their day for me; i couldnt make this one but i do find i spend less and less at them as i cant often find what i want anymore, maybe i'll change to going on a trip to bricks and mortar shops i love :) and just do a show every now and then

have a good week, Happy WOYWW
Thanks for sharing
Mrs C.x #2 this week :)

okienurse said...

Awesome storage boxes. I would love to have an IKEA close by but the closest is in Dallas. Thanks for stopping by my blog already. For some reason I am having trouble posting tonight and I don't know if I have forgotten how to do so or if the blogger has forgotten me! I think it is up the best as can be expected but there is more there then when you were there earlier. Anyway have a great week. Vickie #*

Neet said...

Glad you got the storage - well worth the extra miles. Now I am off to read previous posts - been too busy to go on Facebook so I have missed out.
Taker care
Hugs, Neet 23 xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's too bad about Ally Pally. I remember when I first started visiting Julia, it was BIG deal to get to that craft show. I even remember one year when you went around to various places and even showed where you ate lunch. Seems like friends and PaperArtsy took up most of your time this trip.

I apologize that I haven't been by sooner, but life got in the way of everything and everyone. Now that my friend Kathy has her Kings and Queens AB, and I've started to declutter my home, I can spend more time visiting. I'll be by to see your photo blog soon, too. I always love it.

I'm not playing in WOYWW this week, but will be back before the big day.

Annie said...

Hi Helen. I love your new Ikea boxes. I plan to go shopping for all sorts there as soon as I have a new sewing room to put it all in....a girl just needs lots of storage after all :-)
Annie x # 32

fairy thoughts said...

I'd hate to think how much you would have had if it had been as good as it used to be...... You did alright girl.. Will check out the other post when I have finished my visits
Janet @32

Anne said...

Hi Helen - I've never been to Ally Pally but always thought 'one day' but maybe not now. Looks like you enjoyed your day though ( read your post about it) you have lots of lovely new goodies. I have both of those storage boxes- well several of the green in various sizes and two of others! Anne x @9

Anne said...

Hi Helen - I've never been to Ally Pally but always thought 'one day' but maybe not now. Looks like you enjoyed your day though ( read your post about it) you have lots of lovely new goodies. I have both of those storage boxes- well several of the green in various sizes and two of others! Anne x @9 said...

What lovely products to play with! I love the pretty ribbon! Happy WOYWW!!
Glenda #40

RosA said...

Hi Helen,
Wow, that was a large purchase to carry home on the bus! Those boxes on the top look interesting. Could you tell me what they are called, please?
Thanks for stopping by earlier too.

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Helen, so chuffed they had your boxes! I bought a few of those 'flatpack' boxes too, they're great.I also like those fabric ones, with the zipper in the bottom? Meant to be for your socks/undies etc, but very useful in drawers for craft bits. I think this craft show lark must be a general malaise- the NEC Hobbycrafts is not what it used to be, and as you say, so many £1 stalls! Last time I came home and ordered stuff I'd gone for online. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #16 xx

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Wow, that's quite the haul! Enjoy all that you create with them!

Lisca Meijer said...

Great that you got those Ikea items. I live more than 3 hours drive from the nearest Ikea so No chance for me to get anything like that. I think if I did have the opportunity to go we' have to hire a lorry as we would buy so much
You bought lots of stuff at Ally Pally. I looked at your previous blog about it. The bird stamp you bought I like very much and also the stamp of the lady with the lace collar that Gabriella might have bought. (It's on her tags).
Have a good week,

Angela Radford said...

Talk about "The bag lady" bet the people on the bus were calling you "The Box Lady" but they do look useful. I do think that many craft companies are finding the cost of the shows is getting too high and that their online orders have increased so much that it's not worth going to the shows but it's a shame because it is also a great place to meet people and watch the demonstrations.
Have agreat week and happy crafting, Angela x 36 x

Christine said...

Super purchases! and a meet up with WOYWWers as a bonus.
Love the new drawers!!!

Have a good week

Bishopsmate #41

Kristiina Majuri said...

Ikea is always useful though I'd need to have more room at home to be able to add to my storage! Fun that at least Paperartsy was present, even though they did complain on their blog that there was another show simultaneously. Shopping and friends are a good combination :)
Kristiina #15

Belinda Basson said...

I did see your photo on Ali's page...I do like those boxes and wish we had an IKEA store here. Storage would be a breeze. #26

fairy thoughts said...

Great journaling work Helen...... Love those jofy stamps must try and gets some.. I like to hold stamps in my hand before I buy them and I never see these at any of the shows I go to....... Maybe I should go to different shows..... When is the next one I could go to

Ohhh Snap said...

I've never been to Ally Pally, but there's been a decided decline in shows around here, so much we don't even have any that I know of. Our brick and mortar has closed too. It really went downhill after the economy fell (2007ish).

You have quite a lovely haul there, and kudos on getting your storage home!

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, I should have said that the stamps I'm washing have lost their stick from a lot of use and baby wipe lint buildup. I don't mind the staining as long as they work lol. #20

Shel C said...

Wow you have tried the new things..and put them away! Very good :) Anything new I get sits in a pile for at least a month lol. Happy WOYWW Shel@PaperOcotilloStudio #17

Eliza said...

Oh I have those wooden drawers and have covered them they sit on the window desk, they are brilliant and wouldn't be without them. Great purchases too. Multiple buses and a big trip all worth it by the look of things.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

pearshapedcrafting said...

Well done for the trek to get the storage! I'm thinking of reorganising some of my storage - only thing is i know I will forget where I put stuff!!! Chrisx

Wanda Hentges said...

I've enjoyed reading about the show and all the fun things you got. All your projects are wonderful!!!!

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Helen!

You definitely found some goodies at Ally Pally. Isn't it interesting how our changes evolve. I find myself looking at something that I would have just walked by in the past.

Good for you to use some of your purchases already! And they're put away - wow!!

Thanks for visiting me already!
Peace, Kay (4)

Pat Taviss said...

Hey Helen, I am also mathematically challenged LOL. Great haul.

Happy WOYWW Thanks for sharing.
Pat #64

Ali H said...

It was great to see you Saturday & glad you are having fun with all your new stash ! Ali x

Nikki C said...

Love your new storage containers and that's a nice new pile of stash you have there :) hugs Nikki 10

Carmen said...

I saw those drawers when we were there - I was sorely tempted myself.

Internet is driving me nutso! Am getting so behind my blog reading - am reduced to 5 minutes here and there checking FB or looking at Pinterest. Grrr.

I miss Blogland - thanks for visiting me whenever I do get back :)

Carmen x x

butterfly said...

They did stop the Moppe drawers for a while, but I'm guessing they're back by popular demand!! I don't envy you the bus journey - they're pretty heavy, especially that large size! What a fab haul from Ally Pally. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the JOFY shapes.
Alison xx