Friday, 17 May 2013

A Little Bird Told Me...

Following on from yesterday, I had a piece of grunge pasted mesh left over. It was too good to waste, so I took the facing journal page and painted it with South Pacific Fresco paint.

I then laid the mesh, diamond shape-wise on the page and squashed some more grunge paste through it..
I repeated it below the first one.

I then took the Roman Letters stencil again. and cobalt archival ink. I did this sparingly.

The mesh was then painted with Blood Orange, and dried.  I cut the bird die again (making sure to cut it so that the bird could face the one on the other page, and stuck him to the journal with glossy accents.

Took an alphabet stamp set and wrote out A Little Bird Told Me.

Thank goodness for baby wipes, because my 'B' is mounted the wrong way round on the peg (and though I have written on the stamp to show which way up to use it, I didn't look this time...) Luckily I was quick enough to get it off before the archival ink dried on the painted surface..!

... a pair of little love birds!


Carol Q said...

great texture effect Helen!

Unknown said...

love the contrast between both! yummy yummy texture too ;)

Julie Lee said...

Isn't it a pain when you do that with letters!I'm really challenged about imagining words or letters backwards! You wouldn't know that anything had gone amiss, though, thanks to your quick reaction. I like the little birds facing each other against this textured backdrop. x

brenda said...

Love that lovely aqua colour.

Last weekend and I don't usually mind too much because it means more outdoors, but with this weather what one earth to do with no footie.

B x

sam21ski said...

Oooh fab pages, love how the birdies are facing each other

Sam xxx

Lin said...

Beautiful colurs Helen and the birds are great...that mesh looks fab...need to try this :D

Virginia said...

Oh I did an online survey today to find out what colour I am - apparently I'm turquoise - so I'm loving your page!

craftytrog said...

Great effects Helen, another technique on my 'to do' list! x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've had that same problem before with stencils getting turned upside down. It's hard to correct unless you catch them in time, which obviously, you did.

Love the texture of the mesh and I adore the two facing love birds.

butterfly said...

Delicious brightly coloured version of your cute bird... the mesh gives such great texture!
Alison x