Wednesday, 19 December 2012

WOYWW 185 - it's nearly here!!!

Hello my lovely WOYWWers. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....the last minute rushing around buying presents has begun!!

In the absence of room for a Christmas tree, I have a swag (sadly not home-made) on my window ledge and this year I've festooned it with some of my cards - I have had loads of wonderful handmade ones this year.
here are some of them.
my latest journal page in progress on my floor desk.

and it's progressed a bit further...

I really must get some sort of storage device for my distress inks and fresco paints next year!!  I've seen all sorts of clever people making their own so may try and have a go (yeah, right!!) This is now doing my head in!

All that is left for me to say, is to wish you and your families a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS - not sure if we'll be here next week to play WOYWW as it's Boxing Day, but I'll see you soon.


Krisha said...

Like what is going on with your journal. Storage!!! all crafters dream of the PERFECT storage.

Nikki said...

You've got more then me for Christmas up I made a wreath for the door but sadly no tree for us either this year :( your journal looks like alot of fun & I thought I was number 2 lol but when I refreshed I got dumped to 5 lol which is really good. Happy WOYWW and have a Happy Holidays
Nikki # 5

BJ said...

Hmmmm nice sill and nice stash of Fresco paints, not heard of those, must look them up. I have my Dylusions in a Mini roll box sprayed with Dylusions! Have a great Christmas Helen. BJ (guess what I got for Christmas?) #1

Neil said...

Hi there; just popping my head round the door to wish you and yours a blessed and joyful Christmas and all the very best for 2012! I think we all dream of perfect storage! It's lovely to see the way your journal page is developing.

jill said...

fab stash of inks , sprays, & paints hope you get storage sorted out after christmas. Wonderful journal page . Happy christmas & New year Jill #16

sandra de said...

Wonderful AJ page and nice to see how it is developing. I am sure lots of woyww will have great storage ideas.
Sandra @17

Inkypinkycraft said...

Have wonderful Christmas hugs trace x

Ann B said...

Love the splodges on your journal pages- very arty.
I store all of my fresco p aunts in a Really Useful Bo x - but a I need another one as I'm ' into' paints at present. Have you seen Leandra's new videos ob her blog - well worth watching and you will definitely want some more afterwards.
Merry Christmas
Ann B

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey I like the addition of the pinky ink to your pages, amazing how the layers build up and contribute, you are clever! Got and really appreciate your Christmas card,in amongst everything else that you've got on..thank you. so my friend, a happy and peaceful Christmas to you, and much love for a positive and fresh New Year.

Unknown said...

Hi Helen,
Love the pinky splats on the journal pages and there're lots of videos out there with tuts on how to make DI storage towers....even I was able to make one lol.
Happy christmas
from Elaine #35

MrsC.x said...

i think we all dream of the perfect storage

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
TFS Happy WOYWW Mrs.C.xx #34

Sunshine Girl said...

Great pages there - and lots of lovely stains and inks too! I make my own storage for stuff too. Thanks for sharing - have a lovely Christmas. Sunshine Girl no. 24

Annie said...

Love how your journal pages develop.
May you have a wonderful Christmas filled with everything that makes you happy.
A x #38

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my Desk. Ahh storage...yeah that elusive dream!!! Iam badgering The Man to make me something....and he will!!!
You have more decorations up than me. I have nothing but there is a ood reason.
Have a Happy Christmas
WOYWW Silvia #40

Neet said...

Oh dear Helen, you do need some storage for all those lovely goodies.
Lovely sill with your garland and cards - and my wishes for a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hugs, Neet 12 xxx

RosA said...

Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment re my backgrounds. The challenge will be to actually put anything on top of the backgrounds :)!
I do like the colours scheme you are using on those pages.
BTW, I know you sit on the floor to work, but I never sit down. I do all my "art" standing at the "desk", um, actually it's the kitchen bench top. (Don't tell anyone will you.)
Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Artyjen said...

Merry Christmas! xoxo Sioux

CraftygasheadZo said...

Ooh I spy my card in there! Am honoured it made the display. Hmm yes I reckon you do need some storage for your inks but what will you get? You'll have to share when you sort it! No desk from me today as I've got DT projects on there and I can't share them yet! So Merry Christmas and take care lovely. Zo xx

Kyla said...

Perfect storage....a crafters nirvana!

I see storage made out of foam board etc...but just dump my pads in an old biccy tin (empty of course!) and the sprays in a diddy desk top wardrobe jewelry thing I bought at a car boot and altered.

I will keep and eye out to see what storage you come up with....and then out my order in!! lol!

Kyla #50

Minxy said...

Love your decked out windowsill Helen, getting handmade cards is just the best.
Cool journal page.
Happy WOYWW & A Very Happy Christmas too x
Hugz Minxy 57

Carole said...

Very interesting. Aren't splats fun! Plops and splashes too! Have a very Merry Christmas Carole

MiniOwner said...

Wow your journal is looking good! Thanks for stopping by earlier. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Sue x (MiniOwner @45)

JoZart Designs said...

You are really getting into your journalling in a big way and showing your creativity! Your ink and paint stash looks enormous but then I realised that most of us have the same amount. You should get to the charity shops to seek out some storage or Ikea might provide the solution to suit your needs.
I love the Tim Holtz cargo case but it doesn't hold everything, just what I need to take to workshops.
Happy Christmas Helen, it was a pleasure to meet up and great to keep in touch each week.
Jo x

Laura said...

Love the journal page!
Merry Christmas to you and yours
Thanks for stopping by,

butterfly said...

Love your festive windowsill... and the journal page is looking great! Yummy stash, and yes, time to tackle the storage!! Thanks for your visit. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy WOYWW too!
Alison x

Elizabeth said...

I love your swag on the windowsill ... sadly, the Boss, aka Bonnie the cat, would be most discombobulated if I did the same on our windowsill ... it's her favourite perch :) Happy WOYWW and Happy Holidays too. Elizabeth x #46

Shoshi said...

Lol Helen - I was hoping YOU might come and help me with MY clearing out ROFL!!! The place is still a tip... The Rev. Ernest Bear is due for his operation just as soon as I can get to him. He looks so sad with the stuffing coming out of his extremities!

Love all your bottles of inks and paints but I can understand your need for better storage. When we move and I get a new ARTHaven up and running, I am going to make some purpose-built Distress Ink storage and get organised once and for all! All the Stuff We Need doesn't half take up a lot of room.

Your journal page is looking great! I must work on mine some more before long. All my ongoing projects seem to have ground to a halt at the moment.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #47

Anonymous said...

Love your window with the festive greens and the lovely cards and I love the bright pink splotches on your journal page. Storage is an age old issue, even for those of us with desks! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Brenda 69

Antonia said...

Storage yes that's on my wish list your journal pages. Wishing you a happy Christmas
Toni #52

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hope you get your stash storage-have you asked Santa? Love the look of your journal page so far! Thanks for your visit and have a lovely Christmas! Chris#64

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Helen, thank you so much for all your kind words and support this year - I really appreciate it. It was so fab to meet you at the Crop (which seems a lifetime ago now!)

Sending hugs and love for a Happy Christmas!
LLJ #25 xx

C said...

Merry Christmas! Your journal looks amazing. #49

Unknown said...

Helen, thank you so much for visiting me today! Your art journal page is already so pretty--you've inspired me to art journal today! Great idea with your Christmas cards too. I love how you work on your floor desk--we all need to do that sometimes! I'm sure Christmas in the U.K. is a gorgeous site to see, and I hope you are enjoying it. Merry Christmas and Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh--now at #82

House of Bears said...

That's a lovely festive windowsill you have there. Hope you manage to sort some storage for your inks and so on.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from all at The House of bears.

Andrea said...

thanks for visiting me and good luck with the storage search that's quite a stash of inks Have a wonderful time over the festive period and best wishes Andrea x #6

lisa said...

Your journal is looking great and I had to smile at all those pots and inks. My would I like to play with all those!!
Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
Hugs Lisax #44

Amanda said...

Journal is looking great. I think selecting and making storage solutions is a hobby in itself lol. Have a great Xmas and thanks for visiting me.
Amanda x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Helen,

Your journal page is looking great! How do you know which distress inks you have? Do you keep a list in your purse for when you hit the craft store? I don't have that many and I honestly can't remember what I have!

I was forced to get organized (more like hide everything away).

Thanks for visiting me already and leaving a lovely comment. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!!

Kay #84

Kate said...

Like the pink splodges in your journal. I'm with you on the new distress ink storage, I've bought too many this year and they are over flowing.

** Kate **

Alexandra MacVean said...

Look at all of those bottles of goodness and delight! Hee Thank you for sharing with us today. :)

Lucy said...

Thank you for popping by and also for sharing your journal book with me today. Merry Christmas! Lucy #20 x

fairy thoughts said...

yes it definately looks a lot like Christmas..... have a good one

Renee B. said...

What a wonderful collection of distress inks...if you find the perfect storage solution you will make millions...every crafter in the world will want one!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a happy, healthy & crafty 2013!
Hugs, Renee #92

Redanne said...

The cards are certainly lovely, nothing like a hand made one. Your journal pages are loooking good too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, hugs, Anne x #20

Spyder said...

I usually have swags going all round the room, but hubby says 'it's too much' and seeing these days I need his help to get them up there, they've not gone up! But, the tree looks lovely so I mustn't grumble! Cards look super too! Have a fabulous Christmas! Happy WOYWW!
((Lyn)) #29

Karen McAlpine said...

Great pages!! Lots of fun things going on at your place! I wish you a happy holiday!!
Karen 71

Neesie said...

I just wanted to return the compliment after your visit to my place earlier.
It's great to see your journal. I forgot to pack mine :$

Have a wonderful Christmas and every best wish for you and your family for 2013. Have fun :D

Neesie ♥ #95

Tertia said...

That is a very impressive collection of inks you have there. I am turning a lovely shade of green over here.
Happy WOYWW and a blessed Christmas to you.

Eliza said...

Oh you do have a wonderful collection of goodies to play with on that desk. Merry Christmas to you

Eliza 61

Caro said...

I love the look of that journal page....I really must try and play a bit more with different media. All those inks etc make me somewhat green with envy! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a very Happy Christmas. Caro (#65)

April said...

Wow! yeah you definately need some kind of storage for all those lovely paints and inks!! Great journalling page. Have a great Christmas x April #53

Cardarian said...

Your backgrounds are lovely and your Christmas window ledge looks very nice too! I also am constantly thinking where to put stuff that I use all the don't want it somewhere tucked away in a box as it is a pain to get it out everytime - hopefully you come up with solution and I can copy it!!! :-)
Have a lovely Christmas!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy WOYWW! your jouranl page is looking good and wow, what agreat collection of inks. yes, we always need more storage don't we?
may you and your loved ones have a joyful Christmas season
and a blessed new year ahead!
peggy aplSEEDS

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy WOYWW! your jouranl page is looking good and wow, what agreat collection of inks. yes, we always need more storage don't we?
may you and your loved ones have a joyful Christmas season
and a blessed new year ahead!
peggy aplSEEDS

okienurse said...

Great looking crafting going on. Love all the colors in your paints and inks. If you get a storage device will we still be able to see them? Just stopping by to say I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Blessings to you and your family in the coming year. Vickie #100

Joanne said...

Journal pages looking good. I believe lack of storage is not our problem. It's the ink and paint manufacturers that don't provide it with the items they MAKE us buy, LOL. A big thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. Happy Xmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

The window ledge looks great & I like how that journal page is progressing.
Aah, the mysteries of craft storage! I've yet to find the 'perfect' solution. Good luck with your search. :)

Artyjen said...

Thanks for your comments! I Am still slightly sceptical but OMG I feel a connection. Happy Christmas! Xoxo Sioux

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Your journal page is developing nicely. Have a wonderful christmas. xx Maggie #48

Queen Lightwell said...

Your journal page is progressing very well...but it does look like your inks are getting completely out of hand! lol :) Hope you can create or come up with a storage solution for them, one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, too. Thanks for visiting me already! Deeyll #33

SueH said...

Hi Helen

I know I’ve not joined in with WOYWW just recently but I’ll be back in the new year for sure.

I just wanted to pop by to say thanks for all the fun and inspiration you’ve shared over the last year and to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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