Saturday, 29 January 2011

Apples and?

Well, I bought a TV (from the supermarket!) Restricted by price, size (not much space round here, lol!) and weight - as you may know I don't have a car, so it had to be carriable!

So first thing this morning I went to buy it - was home by 9am with it - but then being a bit of a useless girl, couldn't work out how to put it together (well, the stand) never mind which lead goes where.... so my brother is coming tomorrow morning to do it for me!! It was hard enough getting the blooming box open!

When I thought I was going to be able to sort it out myself, I cleared much of my stash from in front of the old tv, so as to get it out of the room - so the place is now a mess (more than before, then) and consequently I haven't had the energy or inspiration to make anything today!

I did this the other day though, with a piece of maya road chip (bet you were wondering where the apples were going to come in!) when I was intending to do something completely different. Strange how that happens! I used eco green paint for the base, my fave script stamp and the solid flower is WendyVecchi. I highlighted it with a white pen. Butterflies are Wendy's on grungepaper and sprayed with sunset orange colourwash.

This afternoon, I was moving some paperbacks from a pile in the bedroom that has been threatening to fall over for some time, to the minute space left on the dining room (I use the term loosely) table when I looked out of the window to see a fire engine - and a fireman coming up my path - they were on a smoke alarm installation exercise so now I have a fitted free one!

Finally, I am torn - torn between saving the last few of these scrummy chocs I got for Christmas or scoffing them so I can use the FAB box - it is a great depth and crying out to be altered!!  (Not sure how yet, but it is a great shadow box sort of usefulness!)
I have been having some problems placing the pics in this post so I apologise now if there are huges gaps between the text when it posts.... good old blogger!


Tracy Evans said...

Bet you are thrilled to have a tv again Helen, how would you manage not being able to watch Liverpool LOL. Love your decorated piece, those paints look yummy and yet again this is another stamp I don't have. Where do you put them all LOL. Tracy x

Artyjen said...

Hope your TV is sorted soon.....I'd eat the chocolates quick and stash the box for the next 5 years before I use it!!!! LOL. But that's just me...I'm sure you will come up with something sooner than that!!!
xoxo Sioux

Sherry Goodloe said...

Eat the chocolates! LOL
And now that you've moved the old tv out and have created "a mess"??? that will force you to reorganize. I know this because I just cleared everything off my work table! *sigh*

flutterbycrafter said...

Hope you get you tv sorted and eat the chocolates,love the project.

Lesley said...

Ooo a new telly - what a treat. Hope your brother gets it set up in time for the footie tomorrow for you :)
Eat the chocs - eat the chocs!!!!
Love your 'apple'!
Happy Sunday!
Lesley x

Lynn Stevens said...

I'd say scarf down the chocolates, it will give you the energy after hauling around te t.v, then you'll be up to crafting! LOL

Lori said...

Love your "apple"! Looks great with the Wendy stamps and butterflies! Yay, new TV! Let me know if you need help with the