Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Stampers - Black

Hels left us a challenge of just "black" for the Sunday Stampers challenge today. Wide open theme. Where to start?  With some of my new stash??? Hmmm.

I have had one of those post-show days (got too much new stash to play with, don't know where to start days) and in the end I decided to go totally monochrome and just use black, so took a small tag, black soot distress ink which I then sprayed with the black star copper crafty notions spray.

When that dried, I added some tissue tape and a Paperartsy flourish (though it doesn't really show up) and two of the Paperbag Studio stamps from a couple of weeks ago. The only colour is a yellow gel pen to represent the light shining out from the window. (hoping it will shine on my lost mojo).
If I can, I will do a "proper" entry later this week, Hels!

Whilst I was thinking about the Sunday Stamper challenge, I had a go at a Lin-style tag (see yesterday's post from Ally Pally for the real deal!)  with the TSS dress form mould I bought yesterday - I didn't like it at all when I first did it, but it's kind of growing on me now. In fact it looks better on here than it does next to me!

I had the devil of a job with my spray bottles, they wouldn't pump at all for ages, and then the ink just dripped out of the nozzle (I bought them a few months ago, and they were ok when I first got them, so I don't know!!)  I've used raspberrilicious and kingerfisherliscous.
I also forgot to refine the metal round the dress form before I made the "tape sandwich" and wasn't going to blog it at all. The ruler (tape measure?) came out ok though!

I was going to use a green spray I have, but couldn't get it to work at all (and still have the remnants in a paper cut on one finger that still won't wash out....)


Julia Dunnit said...

Wow. Had time to catch up with you from yesterday's post too - you did well, and am happy but jealous that you met Cardarian! These tags are ace ace - doesn't look like your mojo is missing..perhaps you've got what I get - intimidated-itis after seeing what everyone else does with the stuff I've got! I fyou have, forget it - your stuff is way up there.

Kay said...

Both tags are great, Helen. The dress form looks fab. As for the spray bottles... mine are a nightmare too. I was talking to Lin about them yesterday, and she suggested soaking the nozzles and tubes in hot soapy water for a while, then leaving the end of the tube in the water and spraying a few times which usually clears them through. Haven't tried it yet though!

flutterbycrafter said...

Love both tags, but fav is the metal one. Those pesky sprays are a nuisance, you'll have to by Dy's, they don't block up and are fantastic, sorry, as though you haven't spent enough, lol. xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Yumscrum love them both... twas grand to see you laden with all THOSE BAGS!!! OMG, how many ROFL!!! SHame I never got to have a rummage through them... am off to see yesterdays post now :O)) Thanks for joinin in with the SUnday sTamper x

Lori said...

Hey, I think they're both great! Best way to cure the "got new stash, don't know where to start" block is to just jump right in, like you did. Works a charm. lol! Love the Lin tag, too, hope I can get that mold!

helencreaty1 said...

waw beatiful jibs, I love the background of the tag, it looks gergous, great mix
have a nice week

Carmen Wing said...

What do you mean proper entry? I LOVE your black tag - one of my favourites of your recent tags!

Netty said...

Totally gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Both pieces are gorgeous Helen! I've had one of those 'don't know where to start with all this new stash' weeks! You're not alone! ;o)
Alison xx