Saturday, 25 September 2010

Oops, I did it again!!

Oh dear. I have had a lovely day at Ally Pally at the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show, but - as if you didn't know - I spent quite a lot (ahem, always been good at understatement!) and bought LOTS of fab fab goodies.

So many that I couldn't get them all in one shot to show you. I was up and out early to get there for the doors opening at 10 - in fact got there so early (boy was it COLD this morning!) I had to stand in queue an hour - mind, it meant I was 4 from the front of the queue.

I made straight for LB Crafts cos I wanted to get one of the "Lin Pins" (available to the first 15 if you spent £25 on Paperartsy or Ten Second Studio products) and if possible, some of the Tim Holtz bead chain (£25 on Tim products). So that was already going to be £50......  Ok so steady yourselves.  It DOES look quite a lot, I admit!

Some canvasses, metal, papers and card blanks, Studio extra time.
On to shot 2.
LOTS of stamps, Art Parts (yay) Wendy's new book, a gorgeous shadow box to alter/fill and  all sorts of bits and bobs. Hope you can see them ok. Maybe I should have split it into 3 piles....
That TSS mould is amazing.  The dress form is to die for (and there are some fab patterns - including the ruler, see below) on the other side. (double sided, see - so it's good value for money.....)

There was so much more I wanted, but I did show SOME restraint, honest!

Here is that tag that Lin made me using it (and a 2nd one on a piece of grey board stuff (like the backing to paper packs)

The background is done with the Craftynotions sprays including that new one I bought. (black star copper - yum yum).
Are they fab or WHAT!  I can't wait to play with this.

At the bottom you can see the Lin Pin and Paperartsy badge I got.

I also met Cardarian one of our WOYWWer's  who had come from Slovenia.... it was lovely to meet you. Hope you have a safe journey home!
And it was lovely to meet Alison and Kay  again too.

I also took a couple of pictures around Ally Pally itself. This is the view from outside across London - it is on the top of a very high/steep hill (hence it's use in the early days of television for the BBC transmission)

And this is inside, of the Palm Court at the entrance to the show. Stunning building!
It was such a bright sunny day, (after the cold of first thing) - lovely.

Ok, I've refuelled, so I may try and have a play with some of this new loveliness!
Have a good evening, peeps and thanks for indulging me with my shopping!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Thank you for such a fab post. As usual I couldn't make it :0((( but it was a great post to read all about your day , your spend up and see the photos. I'm yet to make it day hopefully.

Unknown said...

Great stash haul as per usual :0) enjoy x

Kay said...

LOL, is there anything left for you to buy?!!
A draw?!! with SUNDERLAND!!! Can we fast forward to next season please... and somebody buy us! Anybody!!!

Tracy Evans said...

So wish I could have gone, what a fab amount of stash, do you want to share LOL, thought not. Love the bodice on the tag, I've been looking at that for a while but keep putting it off, wonder how long I will last. Tracy Evans x

Netty said...

I expect you took a suitcase to carry all your lovely stash in. Thank you for sharing your day and adventures.

flutterbycrafter said...

Gosh I'm exhausted just reading about your fabulous day, sounds as thought you're still on a high, lol. What fantastic stuff you bought. I got that dress form the other day and was wondering what to do, what a brilliant idea.

Lori said...

Good grief, even my pocketbook said "ouch"! lol! Looks like a wonderful haul, Helen! Those new art parts, been waiting for those! Can't wait to see what you make with those! What a lovely tag from Lin, and the pin. What a grand day, although can't see how you would have any energy left to create, but sometimes the need to play with new stash overcomes the tired. lol!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OHHH! This gal from across the pond is in LOVE. I felt like I got to go to this event, too. Loved the photo of London from "above." And that Palm Court is amazing. Thanks for sharing these photos, and of course, all your new toys and that tag made using that rubber stamp I love so much. Copper spray mist sounds awesome.

Pat said...

Oh what a wonderful time you must have had! You got some really great new toys! Do have fun, and post something with them soon!

Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

Lol! Think I may have to show my stash from yesterday in 3 piles! We have similar tastes too, as you will see! Lin did a great job of selling that gorgeous TSS mould! Great to see you again Helen, one day we'll sit down for a cuppa & a proper chat! :o) xx

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Well it certainly looks like you had a fantastic day. Is there enough room on that floor of yours for all that new stash?

Have fun playing....A.xx

brenda said...

Hi Helen

What a great haul, hours of fun there I can see.

B x

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how lovely. wish i could have been there. you got some great stash.
hugs June xxxxx

Carmen Wing said...

Where is my Halloweeny pics? You were to busy spending weren't you? Well! Luckily I had planned a trip to meet a bloggy friend and didn't realise it fell on this weekend so I'm not TOO jealous. Devvie and I always sit in that palm tree bit to eat our sarnies - nice and peaceful after the madness of the hall ;)