Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Hello deskers... Julia hosts this weekly desk snoop - link here

At the risk of sounding repetitive.... I've bought some (more) new stuff from the Paperartsy launch... just one more parcel to come now... I have no willpower, do I hear you say?  Quite possibly..

oops!   these are the new Lin Brown flower sets... loving them all, will be inking them up soon (possibly even before this post publishes!)

I have been playing with some of my new supplies already, which is always a good thing, right - buy it, use it...

I was playing with the new metallic Fresco paints - the copper here in the background, is gorgeous - and the white fire, in the middle is even gorgeouser (I know, I made it up!)

the robot is from one of Jo Firth Young's new sets

I've tweeked this since, but not got a photo of it - I painted a piece of card with the pewter (older metallic) paint, then stamped and cut out the robot and layered it onto the tag.  It wasn't my idea, I confess, it was Leandra's herself, but the pewter is a more robot-y colour!

I've also got a very pink start to a journal page... not sure yet where this is going - it involved a lot of splodging and dragging paint with a credit card (an old one, not the one I'm using to buy new stash with!)

Better go and catch your desks, now - but before I go, if any of you like orchids, I went to Kew on Saturday for the start of their annual orchid display... if you didn't catch the link on facebook or twitter head here for some visual delights!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bump and Crackle... journal pages

Really on a creative spurt at the moment, thanks in no small part to Leandra's periscopes for Paperartsy.

A couple of journal pages for you now,

 I started this one with some leftover Pumpkin Soup (Fresco paint)  which I doodled in blobs on my journal page, then took some Beach Hut and did the same.

I filled the space with Antarctic and painted some crackle glaze over the blobs only.

Let that dry (used the heat gun, it was applied too thickly really, I should have scraped some off)  then when it was dry stamped the Kay Carley flower over the top..

 Added a thick layer of Chalk over the blobs.. used a brush but because the crackle glaze was too thick it hasn't crackled very well.

stamped the flower again in black archival randomly over the page - not using an acrylic block to get an uneven look...

coloured some of the flowers with a yellow Pitt pen
Stamped two of the quotes from the new Lin Brown set...

Country View Craft have a challenge of "make your own background so I am entering this one there..

close up of the crackle and background.

the second part of the blog title, "bump" is on the other side of the spread.(left hand side)

 I had a big blob of Pumpkin Soup on the top of the bottle and didn't want to waste it... daubed it on the journal page... big mess.

Covered the rest of the  page in Beach Hut... bigger mess!  Painted over the first part of the Pumpkin Soup with Snowflake, added more Pumpkin Soup.  Another layer of Beach Hut..

Stencilled (one of Lin Brown's new ones) the flower in Snowflake

edged down the edges of the Pumpkin Soup using a Pitt Brush pen in Green Gold (it looks just like the Pumpkin Soup colour, not much green about it!) and then the white one on top

Stencilled the words (same stencil) in Little Black Dress, then bumbed and stencilled in Snowflake

This page ended up a lot better than it deserves to be after a ropey start!

Topic 2 - Hearts - crackle tag

What a fabulous (expensive..) week its been at Paperartsy... wonderful new releases of stamps, paints and stencils... and periscopes each night with wonderful demos from Leandra. You can see her periscopes here 

Last night (Saturday) she revisited some crackle techniques and afterwards I sprang into action...
This tag fits the hearts topic that closes later today

 I forgot to take a photo of the base tag before I crackled it... but used several colours of fresco paint on top of a tag I painted black... I used bougainvillea zucchini and mermaid
 the smaller of the hearts from Emma Godfrey's heart plate EEG13 to fill the tag.

used a translucent Fresco to add some colour on top of the tag -pumpkin soup and beach hut
I was looking for some heart shaped buttons but can't find any...

entering the Paperartsy Hearts topic challenge here 

a huge thanks to all the Paperartsy team and their wingmen for (making me spend so much money) a wonderful week, brilliant new stamps stencils and paint colours (get COPPER and WHITE FIRE, you won't be sorry) you are all fabulous.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Bubbles and Circles

it's been a while since I played properly in my journal ... but this is the "story" of the page you may have seen on Wednesday in the WOYWW post...

I started with a Clarity alphabet stencil that has never been used.. I added circles - the little ones are a Stickles lid, the big stencilled (crafters workshop)

Can't remember what colours I used .. Frescos.. possibly Marlin for the circles
 Gesso'd over to knock it back..

added a touch of pale pink (no idea why, wanted a bit of contrast)  washed over that again to knock it further back, then re-stencilled the bigger circles
 more stencils, the Prima circles (12x12 stencil
 Think I definitely used Marlin for the first layer, then a Reeves Titanium White acrylic paint over the top for the 'bump'.. this is the part you saw on Wednesday, that lots of you liked so much (so do I!)  - the titanium white is so bright, over the blue it almost looks iridescent, which is what makes it appear so dimensional I think (along with the bump)
 added some stamped circles (Emma Godfrey for Paperartsy) - they're gorgeous scribbly circles... randomly over the page.
but I  joined them up with the short lines (same stamp set) also  in black archival, making sure the starting and ending points are the edges of the journal.

Using a long handled paintbrush I doodled green round the circles (It's a new Fresco, can't tell you what it's called yet!) and added some Beach Hut too, to tone into the overall blue shades of the page.

added some white sharpie dots in the circles,
then the words which are a new Lin Brown set for Paperartsy (can you tell I've been splurging again?)  cut into individual pieces.
got a bit of shadow, sorry!

Finally I added some drippage with some turquoise Bombay Ink spritzing with water to drip it down the page.

Thanks for looking - I had great fun with this page... now, to ink up some more new rubber!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WOYWW 348 - more new stuff!

Hi, and welcome to another week's desk snooping.. new to this? check Julia's the Stamping Ground either here or on her new wordpress set up  - she's fighting back from Google... updates which I admit I'd missed, but all to do with the ongoing loss of followers, apparently soon you'll have to be a google+ account person to comment on google/blogger blogs...

anyway more new stuff I promised... Paperartsy are in the middle of a week of new releases - started on Sunday - and yes, I have new stuff already (thanks to some superb service from That's Crafty and Artist Trading Post...

As you can see, I've hidden some of it, because although the online stores already hold the stocks, not all of the products I've grabbed couldn't wait for started with haven't had their moment of glory on the Paperartsy blog so it didn't seem fair to show them in full.. the stamp sets however, have - the top two are by Jo Firth Young and the bottom one is by a new designer to Paperartsy, Kay Carley.  Can't wait to play with these!   Stencils and new colours of Frescos too... Keep watching the blog at Paperartsy and there are daily videos and Periscopes too.

hiding under my new goodies, is a new journal page in progress, lots of circles and blogs... lots of layers - once I get it finished I'll share it in more detail.

Whichever of Julia's blogs you link up on I'll try and find you, though hoping to keep going with blogger.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

WOYWW 347 - new stuff!

Morning and welcome to another What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday snoop.. pop over to Julia's the Stamping Ground for the link/info.

I went shopping on Saturday, with a desire to spend some money... in which I was only partly successful... always the way, you go with an intention to buy new clothes etc, and you don't see anything you want/like...  Anyhow, I digress - I was also intending to pop into the art shops, (a small firm with just a couple of branches, and also Cass Art of which there are several throughout the UK. The Kingston one however, is not very big...)  Cass Art have a sale on... although it may be nearly over, I think it's been going a while now.

 I managed to grab a few bargains..

 "one or two" new journals... the little square one was just too cute to leave behind, even though I don't often work this small... the kraft covered one and the landscape orientated one, are intended just to use for the paper they were quite cheap...

At the back is a Prima journal which a friend gave me... and the A4 spiral bound one is another good size... a spare!

I also got... a pad of mixed media paper and some thick cartridge paper, think these will come in handy for the Wanderlust course I'm doing (and very slowly catching up with)

The paints were a bargain, and the pastels - well, also on offer, but I just fancied trying them!

The tub of paste is fibre paste, so textured, and will be used for... whatever!!

Probably just a well I didn't see much in the clothing area as these bags were heavy!!
I got home and immediately started to play..

 the mixed media pad and the pastels were put straight into action on this piece for the Paperartsy blog challenge...
and I did a bit more to the journal page I was playing with the other week...

So, finally I seem to have got the "bug" back - shame I have to keep going to work- I just want to play now!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a good visit - leave me your desk number and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Hearts - Paperartsy 2016 challenge

I completely failed with my intention to create something for the first topic of the new year of Paperartsy challenges, but topic 2, Hearts, was an easy one to play with!  Once again, we are being treated to some wonderful projects from the DT and contributors.

On Saturday I purchased a pad of Mixed Media paper from Cass Art (a UK art shop) and some soft pastels... (along with some other stuff...)  so I had to have a play.

I got so engrossed I only took one  photo along the way..
I stamped the hearts (Sara Naumann for Paperartsy) 3 times on the paper (it's slightly textured) and scribbled three of the pink pastels round the hearts, graduating downwards in shades to the palest.. blended them with my finger and then a barely damp paint brush

I sealed that with a layer of clear gesso.
next, I stencilled some hearts (Dina Wakley) in Bougainvillea Fresco paint, and stamped the teeny hearts in Magenta Hue archival ink.

I filled the stamped hearts with 3d transparent gel and sprinkled some clear glass beads (Finnabair for Prima) into the wet gel, and very patiently let it dry overnight..

The sentiment is from the new Emma Godfrey plate for Paperartsy EEG13, same as the little hearts come from.

Sorry about the photos even with a daylight bulb I can't get them very well - I'll see if I can do better at the weekend when it's properly light!
I'm entering the Paperartsy Hearts challenge here