Wednesday 15 March 2023


 Another week has flown by and it's time to share our crafty workspaces again. with Julia at the Stamping-Ground 

I haven't done anything this week... most of this is leftover paint on a page in the small white Dina journal

I threw (almost literally) some sprays on top... the gloss doesn't show up (except for a bit of the silvery colour) due to the surface of the journal.  

I should have been making a birthday card for a friend at work,  but I have a bit of time so can ignore that for a while.

this is a gloss spray too, but on watercolour paper so it soaked in rather than shows as gloss.  
this is a lovely colour, called Sedona, it's a kind of reddy orange colour.  I sprayed it through one of the round Dina circles, just playing.

so that's the extent of my crafting.  I am sure you'll have done loads more, I'll be round to check soon.

Leaving you with Kew from Saturday - in the sunshine! 
I did some lying down on the (slightly damp muddy grass) for this... had to be done
look, blue sky!  

Not sure this week coming will be blue sky, but we can hope the rain holds off!

See yo soon and happy WOYWW   


Neet said...

Hmm .. does look a nice colour - can understand it being called Sedona. I need to do some spraying over the next few weeks to make some different bits of backgrounds for a class I have volunteered to do. I am not fond of spraying though so it is a bit of a chore for me.
Ah well ..
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Sarah Brennan said...

Love what you did while playing Helen especially the background in that journal. Hope the rain holds off for you at the weekend. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Tracy said...

Just ⭐️wow Helen loooooving your photo from Kew lying down , captured soooo beautifully 🤩 tooo a gorgeous blue sky above,love them I do ... living through your photos 📸 each week 💖 until one day I manage to make it to Kew 😊
Toooo your journal pages 🥰 that background with the silver is lush ... I'd be tempted to chop it up for journaling cards 😘 previous it is. Wishing you a gorgeous weekend with no rain 🤞with love and hugs Tracy #7 xxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Nice colour Helen. I've decided it's time I had a play again so I'm getting out old stencils and inks so we'll see. Loving the photos too. Wishing you a happy woyww. Hugs Angela x11x

Annie said...

I'm doing my rounds while the paracetamol kick in this morning. I wish Covid would do one and just leave us alone now.
I love what you've been playing with this week.
Hugs[safely from a distance]
Annie x #9

Lynnecrafts said...

Great visit to Kew, Helen and such dedication- kneeling down in the mud to get good crocus shots! Thanks for sharing your photos- it feels like a get a weekly visit to Kew as well.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 12

Christine said...

Love that Sedona page, great stencil.
Hope the sun shines on you for Kew
Christine #15

Crafting With Jack said...

That photograph was worth lying down for, beautiful. Happy WOYWW. Angela #7

Lindart said...

Hi Helen! So much fun experimenting with sprays and stencils! I like the orangey page! Great job getting down low for the photo-well done! Beautiful! Have a great week, Lindart #16

Julia Dunnit said...

Blimey, that’s a great spray bottle to be able to get such a crisp result through a stencil, very impressed. Yeah, I like that colour too, and because I’m a show off, I can tell exactly why they named it Sedona…very redolent of sandy earth colour at that place! I like the way the silver landed on the journal cover too, it looks like a constellation in the firmament! It is lovely to see the colour creeping back into your Kew pictures, the crocussssses are gorgeous, and the pic is well worth your muddy wet lie down,Mir I ay so from my dry warm seat!

Twiglet said...

A good idea to get down and dirty for your photo. The crocus pic is lovely. The photographers who won the wildlife photo comp were saying exactly that. Love your Sedona colour page. x x Jo

BJ said...

Super crocuses. Oh my just got back from badminton to see one of my posts on a facebook group had been removed by admin for violating their rules. Someone had posted their desk and asked us to share so I did but I mentioned mine and Julia's blogs in the process which wasn't exactly listed in their DO NOT's - eeek. Feel horrid now, never had this before, I'm quite shocked - hope you don't mind me sharing. I guess I'm not thinking straight at the moment. Oh well. Hugs BJ#14