Wednesday, 12 May 2021


 Morning deskers!  We're gathering once more for WOYWW  - desk sharing day.  Julia has all the info.

Next week is our 12th anniversary and we're planning an atc swap.  I have got some made (yay, not last minute) and as well as one for my swap partner and one for Julia I have 10 I can swap if anyone is interested. let me know in the comments.  (thanks to Mary Anne for remindingme I should keep one... I have 9 to swap!!)

So onto my desk for this week...

an aerial shot this week... on the mat on my floor space is my 6x6 white Dina journal and some tags I made after watching a facebook live session with Dina on Saturday.  

my atcs might be hiding in plain sight too... but no proper peeks today!

I've also made a birthday card this week for my cousin which is on it's way to her, and she is unlikely to see this 

using stamps by JoFY for Paperartsy to give them their first inkings.

and some enabling!  (of course!) 

it was quite a big box  - but mostly packing

I did manage to peel off part of the Ranger printed tape that was sealing the box
the latest Dina releases (I resisted on the Kraft journal but am regretting it having seen so many gorgeous pages people are doing in it so might have to go back to get one!)

I am sure I can use the piece of Ranger tape for something in my journal!
and a close up of the tags from Saturday/Sunday - gloss sprays... just playing and not finished, but was having fun

(messy fun!)  

As for Saturday at Kew... it was wet!!

but you know how I love raindrops!

more here 

the wavy sculpture last week, is designed as a seat, and somewhere to get a different viewpoint on the surroundings.  there is info here on the Kew website  about the Plantscapes

thanks for looking - will be popping along to catch your desk soon  


Sarah Brennan said...

Looks like you have been far more productive than I have this week helen. I may get a couple of ATCs made for my PIF and for Julia but that will be all. Glad the rain didn't spoil your trip to Kew. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

brenda said...

Lots of happy colours going on today Helen, I had forgotten WOYWW is the same age as Allsorts, I've been putting our Birthday celebrations together there,

B x

roffeycreations said...

Hi Helen,

Lovely seeing all going's on on your desk - hope to catch up again next week WOYWW #11 Cheers Maurs xxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Look at those glorious tulips - mine got well and truly battered by the storm last weekend, but they’d flowered for ages so I can’t be too sad! I like the card you made, pretty design. Enjoy your new stash! I’ll swap an ATC with you xx
Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

Crafting With Jack said...

Great new stuff and glad you are having creative fun. Love that Ranger tape. Happy WOYWW Angela #10

Lisa-Jane said...

The Ranger tape is fab isn't it?! I remember getting parcels from them and wanting to keep all the stringy paper. I thought of you the other day because I saw an advert for a programme about Kew coming up. Have you seen about it? Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #4

Lynnecrafts said...

You’ve been very productive this week. Glad you’re having fun. Those Kew tulips are stunning. A very pretty birthday card, too.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 3

Neet said...

Those tulips are lovely.
I would love to sneak into your house and have a good rummage around to play with some of your goodies - you have the most fab stuff! Bonza big box today!
Was thinking, if you can't get a postcard what about taking a photo of your area and sending it as an email attachment to your partner. Just a thought.
Enjoy the Dina stuff
Hugs, Neet 6

Diana Taylor said...

You've certainly been more productive than me this week! I love the birthday card you made, what fabulous stamps, and I love the tape on the Ranger box, I'm sure you will definitely be able to use that in something. Gorgeous tags too - that gloss spray is very vibrant.
I would be very happy to swap an ATC with you if you still have any spare.
Hope you have a great week,
Diana xx #16

Annie said...

You look to have had a great week Helen. Those tulips look gorgeous...sadly the weather has been so wet and windy here this week that all we have left is the stalks although thankfully we enjoyed them for weeks first.
Have fun with your new stash.
Annie x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Well done on the ATCs! I'm not that well organised. I'm up for a swap - I'll make as many as needed. Let me know if you have spare capacity - we're connected on FB so it should be easy to exchange addresses, as I don't believe I have yours yet! Oooh, lovely box of goodies! You must be so excited - nothing beats the feeling of opening a box full of art supplies! You'll put them to good use, I'm sure! Happy #623 xx zsuzsa

Caro said...

I would love to swap an ATC if you still have any available. I have made 12 for swapping so far and can make more if needs be. Love the card you made and I am so tempted by your enabling! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#19)

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Helen if you've still got a spare ATC I'll be happy to swap as I've made some extras. Lots of lovely stuff going on at yours this week. The card is very stylish, love it. Liking the tape on that box too! Sending lots of woyww hugs, Angela x17x

Empire of the Cat said...

Crafty deliveries are always so exciting! So cool to get the Ranger tape on the box, that will come in handy. Your desk looks very busy. Elle #27

Lindart said...

Hi Helen! What a lovely card! So pretty. Love your box of new toys, I know you will be having more fun in the weeks to come! take Care, Lindart #29

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Just wanted you to know I finally saw your two latest adventures at Kew. I went to their web site and saw the "artist" behind the installations. It was fascinating.

Did you find postcards? Living so close to London, I bet you did. I couldn't find ANY postcards in Wichita. No one has them. Not sure how to handle that.

My name is Cindy said...

Well someone's certainly got a craft on this week!! I am still giggling about removing the tape from the packaging - I'm guessing to re-use it!! Sounds like something I would do I must admit. Have a good week, pls add me to your ATC list if there is space. Reminds me I never answered someone last week - bad girl!! Love n hugs Cindy xx

Diana Taylor said...

Hi again Helen, so pleased you are happy to swap ATC's but I can't reply to your email as you are a no reply blogger so if you would like to email me your address to and I can hopefully reply to that and send you mine!
Diana x

Stacy Sheldon said...

Such a pretty shot of the tulips in the rain Helen, love the happy colors on your tags too :) ~Stacy #28

Heather M said...

Hi Helen, you've definitely had a busy week, and what a nice lot of goodies - even the tape too! Love the tulips shot - ours are just about hanging on in our garden! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #23

Felicia said...

Helen the photos at the Kew are absolutely gorgeous! I don't know how you do it!! Each and every one just invites you in. I would never want to leave if I were able to visit that lovely place!! Love your aerial shot!!! LOL I really don't know how you go up and down constantly to craft...I'd be a mad hatter at this point if that were me!! I'm out of shape, so that could TOTALLY be it! LOLOL Such a pretty card for your cousin. JoFY stamps are so yummy! I would love to have them ALL! LOL What a great box of enabling this week! And the tape is a bonus! That's a great touch on their part for sure and a win for you! :) Your tag play is quite colorful and yummy and can't wait to see your finishing touches Helen! Thanks for stopping in at my desk and blessings for the rest of your week! Felicia #25

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Me again! Yes, I am up for swapping 😁
LLJ xx

Lillianb said...

love the flower birthday card, great Kew pictures Take care and stay safe,

Lilian B #14

Shoshi said...

Lots of lovely playing and enabling, Helen, and I do love that birthday card - it's beautiful.

Thank you for your visit and your good wishes. So glad you like the kitty throw - as for the border, I'm making good progress with it, and enjoying every stitch!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #24