Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WOYWW 297 - you know what I'm going to say..

... Starts with "been shopping" and ends with "bought new stamps"... once again they arrived just after last week's WOYWW post (check here for all the info)... which means I have this to show you:

 three sets of the new Lin Brown stamps released by Paperartsy last week... (and - erm-  there "may" be some more on the way...)
 my "desk" shows signs of  preparation for another tag and atc swap - as you can see, I haven't exactly got far!!

and my journals are out as I've been playing lots lately... check back a few posts for the results..
now, there is a box under here, on the chair... the pile has grown somewhat over the last few months... all kinds of things in the box itself (boxes of glitters, sprays, lots of wooden bits waiting for altering, and... er... ermm.... I'll excavate and check soon!

So, that's me.  Julia is waiting for you here...
See you soon!


Nikki C said...

Helen you always have so many wonders to see and great start on those tags hugs Nikki 5

Lynda Beazley said...

I really like the look of those new stamps! Have fun and show us the results!
Have a happy week
Lynda B 9

Judys Fabrications said...

Oh Helen, those Paper Artsy stamps are gorgeous.Paper Artsy have some amazing ones from Lynne Perella, that I just have to have.
had to smile at the other side of your desk.That's what mine looked like this morning, but we had a guest to morning tea, so I tidied up! It does feel nice when things are tidy.Not that she went into my garage to see the mess- but I knew it was there.
Have a lovely rest of the week, and have fun with those ever-so-cute stamps/.

Annie said...

Love the new stamps Helen. Good luck with the let us know when you're going in and if you don't come back out we will send in the search party ;-)
Annie x # 16

Melly Moo said...

Gorgeous new stamps and glad to see a desk that look so similar to my own! Happy WOYWW, Rebecca x

glitterandglue said...

Oh Helen. You have started our dy so well. Laughing out loud as I read your post title to John and showed him your pictures. You're great! Those stamps are really quirky - great fun I should imagine!
You do realise that your excavations are going to have to be photographed at each stage??!!
Take care. Thanks for visiting already.
God bless.
Margaret #6

Virginia said...

Always amazed with your desk!

Neet said...

Love your first line - it says it al,, about rubber stampers.
Enjoy your new goodies and show us ore journal pages using them - they are great!
Hugs, Neet 28 xx (plus congrats on being number 1)

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Great stamps! Looks like you've been busy and having fun with all your projects. My desk is so tidy and no fun. I've hardly had time to play! Happy WOYWW!
Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@3

Julia Dunnit said...

I kinda did know what you were going to say! I love that the armchair is doubling as the outer layer of the box, I can join you with bits of wood and the sort to be 'done'..I really should. You go first!

Angela Radford said...

Oh Helen those stamps I just love them, you simply must show us what you do with them.
Happy woyww, Angela x 37

Artatag said...

Oh fun! I love your new stamps! I am sure you can´t wait to create wonderful pieces of art with them!
Love your busy desk!
Thanks for visiting me earlier!
Gabriele 17

Patsy Paterno said...

Wow! that's a lot of stuff to excavate! If I lived near you, I'd like to help! Ha ha! Happy WOYWW! patsy said...

It's always so nice to have new goodies to play with. I always love that you have things in route to you! Thanks for sharing!
Glenda #41

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Helen, happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk. Love the new stamps sets - have fun. Cheers RobynO#12

Belinda Basson said...

is the box on the chair green? I think I see a bit of it! Lovely new stamps and more on the way you say? You must be onto a good thing then! Thanks for the visit already. #11

Carmen said...

I would ask if there was any buyers remorse... but I'm laughing even as I type that :P

Carmen x #46

Christine said...

I love your 'starts with shopping' posts, such fun! I love those Paperartsy stamps, looking forward to seeing how you use them.
Have a good week

Bishopsmate #47

Kristiina Majuri said...

Lovely collection of stamps you have there! After looking at your post, had to check the paperartsy site, they really do have yummy stuff, so who could blame for doing some shopping and ending up with some stamps :) thanks for the visit earlier
Kristiina #21

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hello there No 1!! Nice to see you at the top of the list :-)
Those Paperartsy stamps look great, I bet you'll get a lot of use out those those. Your journal pages are looking good too!
Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

Robyn said...

my craft budget for 2015 is 0 so its fun to get new through you!
robyn 10

jan spencer said...

I love those stamps, I've being watching the blogs and have seen some lovely cards etc made with them

I bet when you go through the bag of bits you will re discover so many things you`d forgotten

Jan S no 54

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Helen, love visiting you- every time I see new stash, I feel less guilty about my spending habit, lol.Love the bird stamps, and the colours on the tag. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx

Krisha said...

LOVE the new stamps, and you basket is beckoning to come dig through it and have a play! LOL
Thanks for the visit, as it is only after 6 AM here I have to scoot and visit others.
Have a great week, and at least stamp ONE image for me.....I'll color it later with my new markers.....grin

House of Bears said...

I just warched a Paperartsy video on Youtube showing three new stamp sets. They also showed all the old stamps and it made me want to buy the lot!!!

Happy stamping. I have no idea what no. I'm at

Nan G said...

Ooo you've bought my faves of the PA new releases! Lucky you! Look forward to see what you do with them. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #62

Sandy Leigh said...

Those little houses are so adorable! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

Mariane C said...

I love the line starting with "Been shopping" ... thihi. It is fun to shop for these goods, it is like for me as a child in a toyshop :)

I hope you see your chair someday? - It looks comfortable to sit in (when free of stuff) - Thank you ever so much for sharing.

Kind regards

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Lovely stamps. Have fun excavating!

Fiona #61

sandysewin said...

Oh my, those little house and bird stamps are so cute!

Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier today and for your nice comments.

Happy creating and happy woyww,

Sandy #19

Pat Taviss said...

A girl can never have too many stamps, stencils or sprays. Thanks for sharing.

Lisca Meijer said...

Those stamps are really great! I love the one with birdies, but also the one with the house. Oh I love them all really. I see you have already made a card with the house stamp. Looking good!
Have a good week,

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Great to see your new acquisitions, have fun!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Ooooh! I'm holding my purse tightly - mustn't give in….can I do it??? Hmmm! Probably not - it's a good job the sets I really wanted are out of stock for now!! I just have to keep my resolve and not get the ones I have further down the list!!! Hugs, Chris (not taking part this week but couldn't resist a peek)

Ohhh Snap said...

Excavation is like shopping at home for me. Gorgeous stamps you have there. Happy WOYWW! #50

Eliza said...


You really crack me up some weeks with your purchases and then the excavation work that need to be done following those said purchases. I am off to check out your journal pages, I am actually stuck on a little bit of mine and I don't want to do the norm.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

Margie said...

Love artsy "messes"! I'd love to dig through that box!

VonnyK said...

I love those stamps, those houses are gorgeous and I love what you did with them on the journal page. I could get lost for a year in your place, that would be so much fun to dig through. Have a great week,
Von #26

Sue said...

Have fun with your new stash.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #29

craftytrog said...

Who could resist those fab new stamps! x

RosA said...

Great new stamps! Honestly, good luck with the excavating!

fairy thoughts said...

The words .... Oh dear god actually came out of my mouth when I saw the chair lol..... I thought I had a lot to do..... You really need to get UFO ing or stop buying or something or you'll get buried.... Seriously though (difficult for me) there looks a lot of fun stuff there to do.
You may have seen a quote on fb recently it says
If someone tells you you don't need any more craft supplies .... Stop talking to them .... You don't need that kind of negativity in your life ....... LOL
Janet ..... Have fun