Sunday, 3 August 2014

Stamperama - a great day out with friends - and a credit card...

I love the Stamperama show at Stevenage, and more so now more of the "#patwits" go... a chance to catch up, chat, watch great demonstrations... oh, and a little bit  lot of shopping

It's an early start but well worth it... I'll start with the stash pics and for those of you who want to see more, finish with the demos and rest of it!!

 top left, stencils, top right, canvases. more stencils
new paper trimmer, paper flowers, ribbons, plain white card, stencil, inks
craft spinner extension kit.
 the Paperartsy haul!!
Trims, Paper pad (Seashore, lush!) paints, hanging boards; journal,tags,  more stencils,
Fibralo pens, another journal, paints, stamps.
 Gabrielle's daughter Freya with the hearts offcut which is destined to make a great feature in their house.
 Karen, Freya, Jo, Gabrielle and Lin.
I didn't get pics of everyone, you all kept wandering off shopping, lol!
 the Paperartsy ladies doing fabulous demos - it was Courtney's first time, not that you'd know. she was rocking the Fresco backgrounds!

 an enraptured audience! was lovely to meet Margaret, (middle) and Jo again, with Lin in the foreground.
 Leandra's background with JoFy's new bauble stamps - will be adding these to my collection before long!
 and some fantastic tags with Sara Naumann's new stamps.
 and in blue/green combo! Leandra coloured the hearts with the Fibralo pens - so that sold them to me, they look fabulous!
 back to Courtney's backgrounds
 just love this, with Darcy's new stamps. (will be getting these soon too!)
see, she's a natural!
 and Leandra tried the Fibralo's over grunge paste - spritzed and blended, beautiful!!
and back to Courtney again!

I seem to have not got any of Liz Borer doing her thing, not sure how, sorry  Liz

So, thanks to Mark, Leandra and Courtney, Lin, Julie Ann, Margaret, Kirsten, Jo, Jo, and JoFy,  Debs, Sarah, Karen, Gabrielle, Freya, Georgina and Lisa (Have I forgotten anyone?? I do hope not.. ) it was a fabulous day. Cazz!! sorry, it was cos you didn't have the hat, great to see you again too.
and I did add up the totals... oops!!! let's just say the lottery win didn't go far!


butterfly said...

Looks like you had a brilliant day, Helen - and what a haul! Love Sara's new stamps - very tempting, and you're selling those Fibralo pens well… look forward to seeing them in action here!
Alison xx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Loved reading about your day Helen, those pens sound intriguing . I just purchased the heart stamp yesterday so looking forward to getting that . Glad you had a good day. Tracy x

sam21ski said...

Fab post, thanks for sharing your lovely photos, great stash too

Sam xx

margaret said...

Great post, great day really enjoyed it!!

Deborah Wainwright said...

A great post Helen, it was great to see you again. Thanks for all the great photos xxx

jojo79 said...

Great photos Helen. Was lovely to see you again.

Hazel Agnew said...

Thanks for sharing, glad that you had a good time. Xx

Anonymous said...

You got a wonderful selection of goodies! Glad you enjoyed the day, it was great to see you.

Claire said...

A great post! Wish I could have been there but never mind - all your goodies look totally fab! Looking forwards to seeing what you create :-)

Lucy Edmondson said...

Thank you for doing a lovely post, Helen!

Lucy x

PaperArtsy said...

Wooohooooo. Thanks for coming! Great stuff. I sent mark out looking for a paper trimmer and he couldn't find one!!! Must have done a man look!

Julia Dunnit said...

How fab! I was going to say that the wisest thing you bought was the spinner extension! but then I saw your pics of the gals' demos, and wow, I'd have had to buy the stuff too...Sally fab effects. Better than Newbury then.....

Etsuko said...

Thank you for sharing and lovely photos Helen! PaperArtsy's demo and making the background are great. You had a brilliant time xxx

craftimamma said...

Ooh I am so envious, lol! I will get to that show one day.... might have to suss out the trains....less tiring and might not be much difference in cost of fuel!

I am glad you had a fab day though and you got some gorgeous stash much of which is on my wish list, lol! Great post about it too!

Lesley Xx

Gabrielle said...

Oh what a great reminder of a fab day! Was terrific to catch up and come home with a "little" bag of goodies!!!

Virginia said...

Looks like a fabulous day out!

snazzyoriginal said...

What an amazing day of shopping and fab PaperArtsy inspiration. What you going to make then....