Friday, 18 February 2011

EWV challenge 3

This week we have another challenge  set by Lori, over at the Everything Wendy Vecchi yahoo group, from Wendy's first book (page 14) - we are to use a heart and a piece of junk jewellery.

My heart is a Maya Road heart chip - I punched a matching hole in the second side so it would hang, using my japanese screw punch - I find this much easier than anything else I've got.

I painted the heart (both sides) with white gesso (or is gesso always white?!) and gave it a partial dry with the heat gun, before spraying it with forever blue perfect pearl spray &; then heat dried it - this is something I have had in the back of my mind to try for a while - I wondered a) if it would lighten the colour (yes!) and b) what other effect it may have if I sprayed whilst the white base was still wet - I love the kind of swirly pattern it created as it dried.

The stamps are by Wendy (well, it IS a Wendy challenge!) and are all from the set called Seriously Art.  Probably should have tried to get the words where the "mouth" should go and then the jewellery in the "nose" space....!!!

My "junk" jewellery is a mother of pearl piece from an old bracelet that I hardly ever wore and certainly not for years - so cut it up!  I found 3 - now I have lots of bits to use on various things!
I've only cut the elastic on the middle one so far - just in case!

Look how fab it is before I did anything else to it! It's like crackle without having to crackle! I can't wait to try this again. I was tempted to leave it like this!!

Now, being a bit of a numpty I had a quick look at the original in the book, before I started - only tonight when I'd finished I went back to it - and found I'd been looking in the wrong book!!! No wonder the page 14 I saw wasn't a heart piece.... still it meant I wasn't influenced at all.
Have a good weekend - I hope my new pre-ordered Wendy stamps will arrive from Lin at LB Crafts (they're on the way!!|) tomorrow - I so NEED some new stamps to play with...... ahem! See you soon, thanks for looking.


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love the background you created Helen, very effective and the eyes work so well on the heart and I love the added jewellery piece. Tracy Evans x

Lesley said...

Love the hanging......still haven't used the stamp eyes yet....they freak me out a bit!!!
Cool jewellery as well.


Carmen Wing said...

Ooh love that effect! Will be watching your experimentations :P

I've only just started using Gesso but know it comes in at least black and clear as well but not sure about any other colours *g*

Marjie Kemper said...

It does look great at the halfway mark AND as a finished piece!

Lori said...

LOL! Love this Helen! That background is great as is, I would have been tempted to leave it too! lol! Thanks so much for joining these challenges, it's much appreciated!

flutterbycrafter said...

Loe your heart and the use of the eyes, it's beautiful, hope your stamps arrive today, I've just had a delivery from AFTH, more Dylusion sprays, yeah, have a good weekend, snow here xx

Neet said...

It does come in black but I have not found any as yet - maybe we should give it a go.
Love your heart hanging and those eyes are great.