Sunday, 1 November 2009

Oh, my poor legs!

Well, as I thought,yesterday was HARD work!  We moved files and other boxes of "stuff" upstairs and downstairs all day - what a workout!!!  I didn't leave till nearly 5 so it was a full day - and then to find Liverpool lost - again- what a disaster.  This morning I can hardly move - my calves ache like no-one's business despite a soak in the bath last night and I am covered in bruises and papercuts...   I hope to be back with some art later, but need another lie down for a bit first, lol!

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Kay said...

Poor you! What is Rafa thinking?!! I have a feeling the premiership has definitely moved beyond us now, and unless we really turn things around we may not get much further in the champions league either :( Ah well, maybe with King Kenny involved in the academy now we might get some decent young blood coming through for next season.... or maybe the one after. We still beat Man U though, they can't take that away from us :)