Saturday, 22 April 2017

Stitching Sewing and Papercraft show, Excel

I had a free ticket to this show, didn't decide to go until the last minute.... wasn't really worth it, in truth, but I did see some amazing embroidery

 it was nice to see the Cardigan for Cardigan though, knitted by people from (you guessed it) Cardigan...

 it's touring the shows... I've seen it on (I think) Jozart's blog..
 fabulous quilting on a Sea theme
and the Embroidery Guild (hope you can read this) had some stunning work on show.

 just stunning... enlarge them, do!

 this one in particular was amazing...

so was this
 it was fairly crowded.. (people getting in my way, lol!)
 these fabric dolls were fabulous..
should have noted the lady's name!

she was painting the faces on the stand, but didn't see any kits for sale (not that I'd have bought one)

nothing else very interesting...

did I come away empty handed?  well. no.
I bought a metre of calico (for powertexing or some other mixed media purpose) and some lengths of rikrak.. I haven't photographed them!
 outside the show but still inside the Excel I met some aliens!!

and a load of people signing in for tomorrow's London Marathon!  (I'll be watching from my normal viewpoint of the sofa!)

Having only stayed an hour, and seen everything, I decided to head for - surprise surprise - Kew!
see here for the pics! 


Kirsten said...

The embroidery & dolls look amazing, so at least your visit wasn't entirely wasted. Off to look at your Kew photos now..........

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It looks ok but I'm pleased you didn't have to pay to get in. The Cardigan cardigan was great fun 😃

craftimamma said...

Some clever stuff there Helen! Love the 'ostrich' quilt and some of those dolls, not that I would ever have the patience to do either, lol!

Lesley Xx

sam21ski said...

Gosh you did very well to take all those photos. When I go to the Knit & Stitch show next to everything on display it always says no photographs!! Which actually I think is a great shame xx

Miriam said...

The dolls and embroidery are lovely....

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those art quilts were out of this world. They are incredible, and I would have been drawn to them. Beautiful and all so well done.

The dolls are OK, but my friend Kathy made a bunch of them one year, and I got tired of seeing them all over her craft room. Thanks for taking us along, even if it was a dismal outcome for you.

Shoshi said...

A great show, Helen - I particularly love the ostriches/emus(?) and all those fabulous art dolls and puppets. Amazing work! I haven't been to a craft show for ages... We have 2 a year in Exeter and I used to go to both. Thank you for your comment - so glad you like my latest Infusions experiments, and I agree, I thought the cling film ones turned out pretty cool! Watch my blog this time next year and hopefully the lovely Clematis will be twice the size! It's one of my favourites and always makes a lovely show in the spring.

Happy very belated WOYWW!
Shoshi #44

Artmadnana said...

Ooh worth it for the dolls and quilts alone I should think!! Fabulous art on display here. Great photos Helen.