Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tag 3 - well one anyway

I just loved today's tags from Tim!  I haven't got a cute enough Santa to try his second one but this is the trees one - I didn't intend to copy it so closely but that's how it seems to have come out. I had the trees out already as you'll see from my first blog today.  It's a long time since I did plaids and my lines are decidedly wonky - this is the best of the lot, lol! (Bit like the scanning!)

I couldn't find any string thin enough - the stuff I had is toooo thick, and I can't tie knots for toffee - so I found some raffia that I have had for donkeys and used that instead. I don't have any of the pin things Tim used to tie the philosophy tag on so used some glitzy fibre.  Good job I went to B&Q a couple of weeks ago and got some washers - didn't get flat ones in the right size or colour, but these ones fitted the brass fasteners.


Kay said...

Looks good Helen. Lucky you having the time off to play along with t!m.

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

This is cool:)

Fiona said...

Lovely tag - I read it as a BBQ - lol!!!