Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ally Pally - Spendy spends and Friendy Friends ...

So I 'm back from a great day at Ally Pally for the first Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show of the year... a chance to meet up with old - and new - friends and splurge...

As the Version Scrap show in Paris clashed this year, Paperartsy were represented by some of the "'patwits" and Nina's Crafting Time .... Leandra had lined up several guest demonstrators - cue Darcy, Liz, Alison, Gabrielle, Emma  and Jo.

I arranged to meet the lovely Miriam, travelling up from Bristol at Kings Cross, little did we know there are two ways down to the Piccadilly tube line that we needed for the end of the journey to Ally Pally... but we found one another eventually..

First stop is always Paperartsy, where the demonstrations had just got under way...
 Darcy working on a chipboard hangy thing
 Alison using Sara Naumann and Ellen Vargo stamps...
 Miram (left) and Jo Vickery... what I love about crafters, and twitter/facebook, is you can chat to people for months, never having met them before, then you do, and it's like you've know them forever... Fabulous to finally meet you, Miriam!
 Lin buying some laser cut pieces for herself (and Sam)
 then we went back to see these fabulous pieces Alison had made - didn't think we'd been gone THAT long!!
then it was Gabrielle's turn... ably assisted by her lovely daughter Freya
 we gave her the colours, she made the art!  This was Bora Bora, Bougainvillea and Chalk.. I think
 some of Gabrielle's tags she brought with her... love these flower ladies!
 this was another one in progress...

 Adding some Sara Naumann stamping..
 and stencilling
 and another lovely tag - I wanted to see Prawn (limited JoFY) in action to see if I needed it.... the answer was yes!
 now time for blues, and Limelight. yum!

and finally, a flower (JoFY stencil) - Tango, and I told her to add Bougainvillea!  Thanks,. Gabrielle for embracing our ideas, they all worked and you did great.
 Darcy's tag - 3 painty layers down, how many to go....
 some of the artwork on the stand walls. I don't know how this brick effect was done, but it's gorgeous!
 the beautiful rose window
 then it was Jo Myhill's turn... typical Jo colours and textures and fabulousness going on...

 love the hand in her pocket whilst drying the tag!

 the fabulous Palm Court outside the hall the show is in.
Darcy still working away, with the stand behind her

Leandra, the girls all did you proud!
 a few stamps and the JoFY latest limited edition paints.
stencils, ribbons, buttons, little bits and pieces, mini matchboxes, mdf tags and owls (yes, I know, they'll sit in the pile for ages...)
stencil, chip pieces based on the JoFT stamps, clear gesso, 3d matte gel, tags, papier mache boxes, timmy dies/embossing folder set.
some paintbrushes, more ribbons and little bottles
some gifts - some of Gabrielle's demo pieces.  The tube is a bit of a joke - although a beautiful one!  A few days ago, Gabrielle said on twitter, she'd got my present ready... couldn't think what she meant.. but when I opened the tube up, it holds some pieces of wallpaper I'd commented on (she'd used some in a craft project a while ago...) thanks Gabrielle, the wallpaper is still gorgeous but the tube is fantastic!!

It was as always, lovely to see everyone, you made what is becoming a very disappointing show, so worth going!  See you in September...


  1. Wow! Lovely work from all the PA crowd! Once again Helen you really captured the atmosphere and got some lovely shots of the demo-ers and old and new friends! Great to see Miriam at last. Glad you met up in the end! Gabrielle, Darcy and Jo's work looks great! Eeek! Me tomorrow! Sorry not to be seeing you! xxx

  2. Fantastic post Helen almost feels like I was there too - lots of nice goodies and great shots of the host of demo-ers - wish I could have made it xx

  3. Great to hear about the day through this post Helen. Fab pics and the demos look fun too, missed you all. X

  4. WOW great run down of the day and fab stash - thanks xx

  5. Thanks for the vicarious visit Helen, lots of lovelies in the splurge! Great lady flowers from Gabrielle and neutral backgrounds from Jo, a fab day out it seems x

  6. I always look forward to your photos Helen. They really capture the atmosphere and details! You've got a lovely stash there too.

  7. Great photos of all the action Helen, it was a fab day!

  8. Always great to see what you get up to, love the little matchboxes, hard to get hold of real ones these days!

  9. Fabulous photos Helen, you really captured the day well.

  10. Sounds like you all had a fantastic day. Love the photos and some great samples xx

  11. And a good time was had by all by the looks of it Helen. It's one I've never been to but one day perhaps.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    B x

  12. What a wonderful report on the show Helen. Thanks for taking so many lovely photos and the time to do the post for those of us who couldn't be there in person. Fabulous demo pieces from everyone and even though the show is becoming a disappointment I have to say I still wish I could come to meet up with everyone. You found some gorgeous stash Helen and love those owls. Think I'd have been hard pressed to resist them, lol!

    Lesley Xx

  13. Oh a fab post, love all the photos you took. Looks like you have bought some great new stash too! X

  14. Ohhhh great to see you all. And very odd not to be there! Our day was busy here too. Cannot wait to get my feet elevated! Thanks so much for the great report. Missing you all!

  15. Fab blog post & great photos, thanks Helen. I like the new goodies, lots of lovely things for you to play with.

  16. Fabulous pictures Helen, love reading about them all. And you got another fab haul, love seeing what you buy. Bet you make some amazing things with it. Seeya sweetie. Michelle xx

  17. I am such a casual crafter! Great post Helen.

  18. That's sounds like fun! Shame I could go... And what a splurge!

  19. Fabulous post Helen - I almost felt I was there with you. Love your latest haul, now to see what you do with some of the stuff. Thanks a bunch for posting.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  20. Thanks for taking all the pics and taking me round the hall. I have been there...a million years ago for a craft show, but it did not have stamps or anything so exciting. Rocking horses, jewelery and the like! Your tube looks great, bet you can use it for something...

  21. oo what lovely projects so inspiring.
    how surprised was i to see that your friend Miriam is Miriam that i have spent a few funny days with when she and i were SU demos, I think she has also left now but she is a lovely and funny person to spend time with :)

    thanks for sharing your day out Helen :)
    Charlie :)

    1. Hi Charlie. ....yes...we spent many a happy hour laughing when we were supposed to be taking everything seriously!! Hope you are well xx

  22. Looks like you all had a great day out. Love the pics of Gabrielle. Looking forward to seeing you on May 16th, 2 days after my 40th birthday so I thought I'd bring a special birthday cake for us all! Can't wait to see everyone again. Take care Zo xx

  23. Jealous?Me? Yeeeessss!! So glad you had a super time!! Chrisx

  24. You are Paper Artsy's roving reporter Helen! Wonderful post, very informative and so many great demonstrations. Thanks for sharing :-)


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